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Music Performance
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How to Promote Your Music: 5 Hot Tips!

Hello all you musicians (and record labels) out there! As your music career evolves,one of the most challenging questions you are going to face (and probably facing right now) is how to promote your music. There are so many promotional variables, opportunities and cost-effective decisions to make along the way. Combine this with a competitive and expanding global marketplace, it’s perfectly normal to feel lost sometimes. Sugo Music would like to offer some advice for you. No, we are not just going to tell you to create a Facebook fan page and then promote your music through it. Instead, follow this article to learn some real actionable tips that will help youfind your core target...
Music Distribution Companies
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Music Distribution Companies

They say magic happens when a skilled musician performs beautiful music on a well-crafted instrument or when a charismatic song gets recorded in a professional recording studio. While this is true, there is also another magical moment for musicians and songwriters: selling music around the world. Yes this is true!Proper music distribution is one of the most important aspects of a song’s success, yet many times it is overlooked or undervalued. A great music distribution company can be the difference maker between a song being sold worldwide and a song that is never heard. In this ever-changing global digital marketplace, music distribution companies play a key role in the success of...
Cover Tools For Musicians
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9 Great Online Marketing Tools for Musicians

Being a musician, you might find it confusing in this insane world of online marketing. There are thousands of websites and hundreds of tools. Among this chaos, it is difficult to find out the best online marketing tools for musicians. On the other side of the coin, online marketing has brought you the opportunity to spread your music, build a brand image for yourself, create and manage your fan following and ultimately, rise to fame. 1. Reverbnation Reverbnation provides a complete marketing solution package for musicians. With Reverbnation, artists can spread their music on social media platforms, run email marketing campaigns, get reviewed by fans, contact with promoters to book...
Streaming Services
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Distributing Your Music in the Age of Music Streaming Services

Do you remember transistor radios? It was not so long ago when transistor radios used to be a regularpart of our everyday life. The mobility of transistor radios (okay, admit it, radios were the first true ‘mobile’ devices) was one of the major reasons behind its popularity. Transistor radio was a great companion, but like many other things of the eighties and nineties, it met its demise too. Now, when the ubiquitous Internet has been taken for granted, we are witnessing the rebirth of transistor radio in the form of Digital Streaming Radio. Streaming services are rapidly gaining popularity. Widespread use of smart devices is driving the growth of streaming radio and we can fairly...
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