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Hot Air Balloon
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Hot Air Balloon Video & Song by Molly Maguire

For immediate release Unique new music video brings a dream to life thousands of feet above Napa Valley with singer-songwriter Molly Maguireʼs latest crowd-funded project: Hot Air Balloon. Bolinas May 19th, 2015: Some dreams make you wonder, most dreams pass by unnoticed or forgotten; but Molly Maguire ʼs lucid dream about resolving love ʼs mystery from a bird ʼs eye view--literally--in a hot air balloon, demanded attention. “The dream was so clear and vivid, full of such colorful detail. The hot air balloons themselves, the fabric was literally like looking into a kaleidoscope. All my dream self needed to do to resolve the pain of my heartbreak was to rise above...
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