Best Music Streaming Platform Marketing Tips For Anghami

If you’ve been searching for the best music streaming platform marketing advice for Anghami streams, you’ve come to the right place. Breaking ground in the Arab market has become far easier through the Anghami platform. With its impressive market share and vast user base, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy success on the platform. But how do you find your audience and promote your music on Anghami?

The first step to success on Anghami is creating your artist account and populating your profile. Once complete, you can focus on promoting your music. Anghami provides several features for artists to send push notifications, pitch to playlists, and more. The platform offers promotional tools to create awareness and a "Live Radio" feature to encourage more interaction with fans.

Want to skip ahead? You can use our table of contents below to jump to the sections that pique your interest. Although we recommend going through all the below sections for the best results on Anghami.

This article highlights the best music streaming platform tips and tricks to promote your music on Anghami. But first, we discuss the benefits of marketing your music on the platform and how to set up your profile.

Why You Should Promote Your Music on Anghami

Some indie artists wonder whether investing their time and effort into a region-specific streaming platform is worth their while. Anghami may not be a household name beyond the Arab states, but its vast user base is hungry for good music.

Anghami is the go-to streaming platform for music lovers in the Arab world. In fact, This platform is the first legal music streaming service available in the Middle East and North Africa. And its market share in the region stands firm at an impressive 60%.

To put it into perspective, Anghami boasts a whopping 70 million subscribers actively engaged in its content. That may be a long way from Spotify’s 195 million subscribers. But it’s surprisingly close to the 88 million registered Apple Music users.

In other words, Anghami represents a massive market and enormous opportunity for both new and seasoned artists. And the platform is geared toward championing the artist, with plenty of marketing tools at your disposal. In truth, instead of asking why you should promote your music on Anghami, you should ask, "Why not?".

How to Get Started with Anghami For Artists

Whether you're an independent artist distributing your own music to streaming platforms or you have a distributor, you must know how to set up your Anghami profile. Artists who have already done this on other streaming platforms will have an advantage. But if this is your first time getting your music "out there", the process can seem daunting.

To help you, we've divided the process into the three primary steps listed below. They are: "Create Your Artist Account", "Upload Your Music", and "Enhance Your Artist Profile". Let's examine each and discover the best music streaming platform marketing approach for the platform.

Create Your Artist Account

The first step to getting your music on Anghami is creating your “Anghami for Artists” account. But on this platform, you’ll be required to apply to create an account first. This application is reviewed by the Anghami team for approval. And you’re only permitted to create one account.

Head over to the “Anghami for Artists” website and select either the “Claim Your Profile” or “Sign Up” button on the home page. Claiming your profile involves gaining access to an existing profile in your name.

Next, the platform will request some personal information. Even if you use a stage name, ensure that you provide your full name and surname here as per your official identity document. You’ll be asked to provide your stage name at a later stage. And when you do, ensure it isn't the same as another artist.

After you’ve provided your details, you'll receive an email to the address you provided. The objective of this email is to verify your email address. And once verified, you can click "Submit" to complete the application process.

Anghami stipulates that account approval and activation will occur within 24 hours of your application. So, you’ll need to be patient and wait before you can upload any music.

Upload Your Music

Receiving approval of your account application from Anghami is cause for celebration. And as soon as your account is active, you’re ready to upload your music to the platform.

At this point, you have the option of uploading your songs yourself, or you can get an independent distributor to help you. On the one hand, uploading the music yourself is easy to do and won't cost you a thing. But it isn't an ideal use of your time when developing the best music streaming platform marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at what these two options involve.

Uploading Your Own Music

If you decide to tackle the upload yourself, you must ensure your uploads are of the best possible quality. If not, listeners will not be impressed, and you may even lose some fans. You should also ensure that all the correct metadata is provided with each upload.

According to Anghami guidelines, your music should be in the form of high-quality MP3 or WAV files only. Don’t upload anything in another file format, as users won’t be able to listen to it. And when it comes to album art, you’ll need a square image in either PNG, JPG, or JPEG format.

After uploading any music or artwork, you'll need to wait for the Anghami team to check and approve it. Quality is vital to the platform, so the team takes a hands-on approach to ensure all content is up to standard. The Anghami team requires roughly 48 hours to examine your songs and artwork. And when approved, you'll get an email from the team to confirm it.

Note that promoting a brand, such as a sponsor, is not permitted and will disqualify your content from approval. That means no brand names or logos in your artwork. And if you've covered someone else's music, ensure you can produce a license from the copyright holder. The Anghami team is sure to ask you to provide one.

Uploading Your Music Via a Music Distributor

Uploading your own music is simple enough, but it's time-consuming when you have to do the same on each streaming platform. It's far easier to employ the services of a music distribution company to help you navigate the process.

With 38 successful years in the industry, Sugo Music Group is poised to distribute your music far and wide. In fact, with Sugo Music Group on your side, your music will reach more than 200 streaming and download platforms effortlessly. This includes Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, and, of course, Anghami.

This means that the Sugo Music Group team will ensure you have a presence everywhere it matters, globally. You'll still have access to your "Anghami for Artists" profile to engage with fans and further promote your music. But partnering with an experienced distributor allows you to spend more time making that all-important music.

It should be noted that Sugo Music Group also offers music publishing services. This service ensures that you and everyone who contributed to your music receive the royalties they deserve.

Enhance Your Artist Profile

It’s time to let listeners know who you are and what your music is about. The better your profile looks, the more likely you are to attract fans. For instance, upload an original professional artist profile image that expresses your distinctive character and style.

Use the artist bio section to tell your unique story in all its splendor but try not to waffle. A brief yet punchy bio is far more appealing and easier to read. That said, remember to include your pivotal milestones and achievements accomplished on your journey thus far.

Anghami also provides tools to customize the layout and organization of your content. This means you’re free to display your content in a way that makes sense for your music and audience.

For instance, you could list your songs in a particular order bringing those you'd like to promote more to the top. Or perhaps you could use color to create a theme linked to a specific album or catalog.

Either way, this is your chance to elevate the overall experience for the listener when they engage with your profile and music. And it’s a great way to attract and retain fans.

Best Music Streaming Platform Marketing Tips for Anghami

The quickest way to grab the attention of potential listeners is to get your music on a playlist.

Unlike some other DSPs, Anghami doesn’t leave artists high and dry without the tools or know-how to draw in an audience. Actually, Anghami places a great deal of focus on helping artists promote their music and find success on the platform. This takes the guesswork out of marketing your music on Anghami.

Let's explore the top tips for developing the best music streaming platform marketing campaign for Anghami.

Pitch to Playlists

The quickest way to grab the attention of potential listeners is to get your music on a playlist. But that’s easier said than done on most streaming platforms. The good news is that Anghami lets artists pitch their music to playlist curators through its “Pitch to Playlists” tool. Here’s how it works:

  1. Simply sign in to your “Anghami for Artists” profile.
  2. Then select the “Content Promotion” tab.
  3. Click on the “Pitch to Playlist” option.
  4. Next, you’ll need to choose and provide some information about the song you want to pitch, including its genre, mood, style, etc.
  5. Once submitted, the team at Anghami will review your request and approach relevant playlist curators.
  6. Anghami will email you to let you know whether your request was approved.
  7. If approved, your song will be added to the playlist.
  8. Followers of that playlist will receive a notification to inform them that your song has been added.

When pitching a song to a playlist curator, it’s best to do so with a recent song. Curators prefer newer material and are less likely to add an older song to their playlist. Also, note that you can only submit one song at a time for playlist consideration.

Anghami Promotional Packages

Create awareness and reach your audience with Anghami’s “Amplify” feature. This feature gives artists access to various promotional tools allowing them to tailor their marketing strategy to achieve their goals.

Selecting the “Get More Plays” option from your “Anghami for Artists” dashboard, will reveal the tools at your disposal. These are tools designed to get your music noticed, create awareness, increase streams, and encourage listeners to follow you. These are vital when creating the best music streaming platform marketing plan.

Some "Amplify" tools help you better engage with your audience and nurture your relationship with fans. Others offer paid opportunities to advertise your music on the platform. On the whole, Anghami has clearly put its best foot forward regarding artist promotion.

Artist Push Notifications

Another tool at your disposal on Anghami is the "Push Notifications" feature. This tool lets you notify your followers when you release new music or make an announcement on the platform.

The platform lets you schedule your release and time your push notification accordingly. And when your fans receive their notification, they can access the song or information with the tap of a button.

Social Media Previews

Social media has become an essential part of everyone's marketing efforts. That's because the eyes and ears of the world are glued to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc., 24/7. These social platforms provide artists with unlimited potential for leveraging global attention.

Anghami recognizes this value and has incorporated tools for artists to share their music seamlessly across channels. The "Social Media Previews" feature lets you share a 15-second preview of your song to your Facebook and Instagram stories.

Sharing this preview on your mobile device is done with a single tap. It’s a great way to spice up the promotional content on your social channels and get fans to follow you on Anghami.

Anghami Live Radio

Going live on social media has proven profitable for businesses and brands. It allows them to build trust and engage with their audience in real-time. It's also a great way to give fans a peek behind the scenes and make them feel part of your community.

Artists can create their own “Live Radio” event via “Anghami Chat”. The feature lets fans join and engage with you as you go live on the platform. And your Anghami followers will receive a push notification each time you go live.

You could use this feature to play or listen to music with your audience. It’s also a great way to initiate fan discussions and learn more about your audience. Many artists also use this feature to expand on their brand story, connecting with fans on a more emotional level.

Leverage Your Analytics

The platform provides artists with an analytics section in the “Anghami for Artists” dashboard. This section shows you the metrics related to your music streams. In other words, it’s a window into how listeners engage with your music.

Digging into these metrics will offer some critical insights. For instance, you'll see how listeners discover your songs and which songs are listened to most. You'll also be able to determine the journey the audience takes when listening to more of your discography.

These metrics are crucial and should be used to inform you about what your audience likes and wants. With this information, you can tweak and adjust what you promote and how you market it. Applying what you learn from your analytics is the secret sauce when developing the best music streaming platform marketing strategy.

Find Inspiration on Anghami

It’s easy to discover new and exciting music and trends with Anghami. As such, using the platform to find other artists in your genre is a breeze. And in doing so, you can take a peek at what they’re doing to capitalize on access to the growing Anghami community.

Examine the top artists making music similar to yours and study how they engage with their audience. Take note of how often they engage with fans, what they do for “Live Radio” events, and how they promote new music.

This should give you a few fresh ideas on how to reach your target audience. You may even put yourself in a position to collaborate with one of these popular artists.

Moving Forward with Anghami

Anghami has made cultivating the best music streaming platform promotion techniques on the platform easy. With several tailored tools at your disposal, your chances of success on Anghami are better than ever.

To ensure you reach your music career goals, it's best to dedicate a daily window of time to your promotional efforts. Consistency and patience are the keys to achievement. Therefore, it's best to engage with your audience regularly over the long term to build a community and solidify the relationship.

And to ensure your distribution efforts are executed without a hitch, we recommend partnering with a reputable distributor. Sugo Music Group’s experts are ready to chat and provide you with the guidance you need for your next release.


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