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Global Music Distribution 2015: An Interview with Stevan Pasero, CEO, Sugo Music Group

Question: The music industry is experiencing mass change. How can musicians and music execs effectively exploit this change to successfully distribute and market their music assets? PASERO: This should be the greatest time in music history. More and more music is being written, discovered, distributed and listened to than ever before. Consumers are embracing digital music Streaming—and that’s good news, whether we understand it, like it, or not. Will Streaming be the savior of our precious music industry in an era where piracy had almost crucified and eviscerated it? Everyone should be rejoicing, reveling, partying—yet musicians and music execs are now standing alone in dark...
Music Streaming Royalties
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The Reality of Music Streaming Royalties for Musicians and Record Labels

Not so long ago, Apple’s iTunes was setting standards in the way music was sold online. It revolutionized consumer music buying habits for about a decade until it finally fell prey to a newer technology: music streaming. Consumer preferences and tendencies have now given birth to “music on the go”! Streaming services like Pandora and Spotify took to the fore and is changing the way consumers listen to music across the world. Only time will tell if this change brings about a renaissance for the music industry, but it surely seems that the era of streaming music has truly begun and is here to stay. 21st century consumers are not looking back in their rear view mirror and instead...
Music Online Music
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Online Music Distribution

When times change, they inevitably bring something new with them and the advent of the internet has been a harbinger of sorts. Internet has revolutionized the way music listeners enjoy their favorite music. This has posed a serious challenge for music distributors who strive to improve their online music distribution platform. Digitization simply means a better infrastructure which not only meets the needs of emerging technologies but also has effective channels of music distribution in place. The rapid growth in the music industry has kept digital music distributors on their toes as they continue to evolve to offer better and more innovative services. This facet of online music...
Music Distribution Companies
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Music Distribution Companies

They say magic happens when a skilled musician performs beautiful music on a well-crafted instrument or when a charismatic song gets recorded in a professional recording studio. While this is true, there is also another magical moment for musicians and songwriters: selling music around the world. Yes this is true!Proper music distribution is one of the most important aspects of a song’s success, yet many times it is overlooked or undervalued. A great music distribution company can be the difference maker between a song being sold worldwide and a song that is never heard. In this ever-changing global digital marketplace, music distribution companies play a key role in the success of...
Streaming Services
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Distributing Your Music in the Age of Music Streaming Services

Do you remember transistor radios? It was not so long ago when transistor radios used to be a regularpart of our everyday life. The mobility of transistor radios (okay, admit it, radios were the first true ‘mobile’ devices) was one of the major reasons behind its popularity. Transistor radio was a great companion, but like many other things of the eighties and nineties, it met its demise too. Now, when the ubiquitous Internet has been taken for granted, we are witnessing the rebirth of transistor radio in the form of Digital Streaming Radio. Streaming services are rapidly gaining popularity. Widespread use of smart devices is driving the growth of streaming radio and we can fairly...
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