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You’ve produced great music and videos—now make them into retail-ready CDs and DVDs. Sugo Music Group is an Enterprise Partner with Amazon’s On-Demand CD and DVD Manufacturing, Printing & Distribution service. We provide an incomparable service that puts powerful new physical publishing options in the hands of music labels, licensors and musicians, even as the world goes increasingly digital. If you are a music label or a single artist, you now hold the option of having limitless physical CD/DVD inventory, manufactured on demand, with no upfront costs and global distribution to anyone who orders it at!

No Costs! No Inventory!

Typically, there are considerable up-front costs and various charges for this type of service, yet Sugo Music Group offers all of our pre-production services for free. That’s right, free! We’ll handle a multi-track CD and DVD from pressing to delivery. In other words, our service promises to remove nearly all of the risks of short-run CD and DVD manufacturing, which can cost musicians hundreds or even thousands of dollars for discs that rarely sell enough to cover expenses.

Complete Your Distribution Portfolio

Although physical music sales are decreasing and artists seeking to evolve to more of a digital model, there is definitely life left in good old physical storage media, with a slight twist. Sugo Music Group’s On-Demand CD and DVD Manufacturing, Printing & Distribution service is a great way to earn ancillary sales revenue while satisfying consumers worldwide.

Our Mission

This unparalleled service has enabled Sugo Music Group to expand its primary business of helping music labels and indie artists get digital distribution through online outlets such as iTunes, eMusic and Amazon MP3, while competing directly with CDBaby—all with no extra costs or chargebacks. Yes, that’s right!

Be a part of Sugo Music Group and enjoy a Complete Distribution Portfolio, including CDs and DVDs! Get plugged in … now!

QWhat is On-Demand Manufacturing?

A:Our On-Demand CD/DVD service provides consumers around the world the opportunity to buy your music album or multimedia project on Sugo Music Group’s On-Demand CD/DVD Manufacturing & Virtual Inventory department will format your digital music and front cover art files and provide a complete door-to-door service: production, formatting, pressing, handling and delivery. It’s perfectly fine if you only need music CD manufacturing!

QHow much money will I make for each sale?

A:You will earn the same royalty rate per your licensing agreement with Sugo Music Group that you would earn with our other services. You will not be charged any setup fees or additional costs. Only Amazon charges a fee for their manufacturing and delivery.

QWhen will I get paid?

A:We send statements and royalty payments out to you on a quarterly basis. We’ll send your statements via email, and your royalty checks can be sent by mail, PayPal or direct deposit—you choose.

QIf I am already manufacturing my CDs and DVDs, why would this benefit me?

A:That’s fine if you are already manufacturing CDs or DVDs. Many labels and artists still want to manufacture short-run CDs/DVDs for their promotions, websites and gigs. Yet manufacturing for the global community audience is another story. It takes time, commitment and human & cash resources to do so correctly. These days, labels and artists are seeking creative methods of managing their cash flow, especially if they have multiple albums, let alone an archive of hundreds of albums. This is a one-stop solution for consumer distribution!

QIs it true that On-Demand Manufacturing can take a long time to confirm products?

A:Yes, On-Demand CD/DVD is a time-intensive project. Yet Sugo Music Group has an Enterprise Partnership with, and we will have your products available and up & running more quickly than anyone else!

QDo I need to get a UPC to work with On Demand Manufacturing?

A:Yes. We’ll supply the UPC for you—at no extra cost!