Congratulations Page_Non-Exclusive Master

Congratulations! We’ve reviewed your answers from the music questionnaire and we’ve prepared your Non-Exclusive Distribution Agreement. Within a few more clicks, you’ll be a part of the largest global Music Distribution & Publishing network in the world consisting of all the major retailers, broadcasters, music aggregators, licensees, collection agencies, and music supervisors for film & TV. We distribute to over 1000 digital sites in hundreds of countries and territories—and this number is increasing every day!

About Your Non-Exclusive Distribution Agreement:

The following information provides a quick summary for your Agreement. The Agreement itself is short, concise and easy to read (we tried to exclude all the legal rhetoric that’s usually a part of long licensing agreements). Since our Sugo team was founded by musicians (and our work staff consists mainly of musicians and artists), we’ve made our Sugo Music Agreements as straightforward and simple as possible.

Here are the key points of your Non-Exclusive Distribution Agreement:

  1.  You will continue to have 100% ownership of all your recordings, songs and copyrights.
  1. You will NOT pay any set-fees or submission costs.
  1. You’ll have a customer service team assisting you with your submissions and distribution questions.
  1. You’ll receive 70% of all income from digital downloads, digital broadcasts, any compact disc sales, around the world.
  1.  You’ll receive 50% of all income received from synchronization licenses for film, TV and commercial use, and for user generated content on YouTube. This is an industry standard rate with music distributors.
  1. The term of the Agreement is 3 years. This will allow us enough time to get your recordings, songs (and even videos) distributed and performing throughout the largest network of retailers, broadcasters, and agents around the globe.
  1. You’ll receive a royalty payment and account statement every quarter (3 months). In this statement you’ll be able to see specific detail about which country, territory, channel, retailer, and broadcaster is selling and playing your music!

Your Customer Service Team!

Hi, my name is Keath Hartley, Director of Partner Relations. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you as I will be assisting you with your recordings, songs (and videos, if applicable). I’ll also be your main contact for any questions or concerns that may arise.

We’ve been distributing music for over 30 years (Vinyl, Cassette, CDs, Downloads, and Streaming) and we are confident you’ll be pleased with the level of experience and service that Sugo Music Group brings to the table. We look forward to listening to your music and to having a long lasting and profitable relationship.
Director of Partner Relations, Sugo Music Group
”Proudly Celebrating 30 Years!”
80 Cabrillo HWY N., Suite Q-429
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
[email protected]