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In today’s digital world, a growing number of authorized and unauthorized third party users make use of copyrighted material every day. These might include the usage of your audio and audiovisual masters for commercial and private applications (e.g. uploading audio and videos on social media sites for weddings, corporate events, commercials, or slide shows) in which your masters might be used with or without proper authorization and licensing. Sugo Music Group and its CiD affiliates register, reformat, submit, monitor, manage, monetize, collect revenue and provide Content Identification services on behalf of our label partners using various technological means.

Day by Day

Sugo Music Group’s CiD department routinely monitors and monetizes multiple types of unlicensed User Generated Content (UGC) uses of your music masters on social media websites, Internet broadcasters, and various other websites, as well as new technologies, channels, and platforms that arise, whether now known or existing in the future.

Watch What Happens: YouTube Content Identification

When Sugo Music Group identifies a match between your music recording and a video file on the Internet, we then monetize that UGC video using various advertisement techniques. We serve as an intermediary between artists and the people who might use an artist’s work for, say, a YouTube video. Every time a new video is uploaded, it’s automatically compared against YouTube’s Content Identification library for a match. We constantly monitor and update your musical works within YouTube’s ID library. If we find a match, we can take one of three actions: remove the content, leave it alone, or monetize the video. Typically we choose to monetize the video because it generates incremental revenue that we collect on your behalf. It also expands your broadcast portfolio. In some instances, when the video is not suitable, we will issue a takedown.


We’ll make Content ID simple for you—so you can start earning the money you deserve! Get plugged into Content Identification … with Sugo Music Group!


QWhat is Content ID, and why does CiD exist?

A:Content ID is a technology that exists for a couple of reasons: a) it allows content providers to identify when videos incorporate their content, and b) it allows revenue to be generated (and collected by Sugo Music Group) by placing advertising next to content that has been included in the Content ID program and identified in uploaded videos. This is just another way of how to sell music online through state-of-the-art digital music distribution!


QWhy is CiD on YouTube so important?

A:Over 60 hours of new video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s a lot of people who need good tunes to match up with those crazy cat videos and glamorous wedding slideshows they’re posting.


QWhat’s the CiD process and do I need to do anything?

A:Sugo Music Group and its CiD affiliates will handle everything for you. We will format and deliver your music to YouTube’s Content ID system and various other channels that are emerging. This is an important step and must be done right. Then YouTube will scan your tracks with fingerprinting, watermarking, and proprietary algorithms and register an exact sonic “fingerprint” for each and every one of your songs into respective databases. User-Generated Content matches will then occur. We monitor the matches, monetize the videos, and collect revenue. From that point on, any time someone out there in the YouTube universe uploads a video that uses one of your songs, you will make money from the ad revenue generated by that video. With Sugo Music Group’s CiD program, you’ll get paid for the usage of your music on the Internet, especially YouTube, and is another important way how to sell your music online.


QI’m still totally confused and don’t get Content ID because it’s really complicated.

A:Don’t worry, we totally understand. This stuff gets complicated really quickly, especially when dealing with digital fingerprinting, watermarking, advanced Boolean search, and data-basing algorithms! Don’t worry because we’re here to help. The most important thing is to get it done … and get it done right. After your music is entered into our CiD database, you’ll be collecting revenue that is legally and rightfully yours. This is just another way how to market your music, how to promote your music, how to publish your music, and how to build a Complete Distribution Portfolio. Contact us, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions quickly and accurately.