Is it easy to prepare and send to you all my product metadata, audio and artwork?

Is it easy to prepare and send to you all my product metadata, audio and artwork?

Yes, yet there’s a specific amount of attention to detail that is important when preparing your content for delivery. That said, please try your best to prepare & format assets as instructed in your Welcome Package, Preparation Letter and Metadata Instructions. Correctly preparing your metadata will expedite the process significantly and ensure quality control. If you do not follow instructions and do not complete metadata and audio requirements as outlined, your release might be rejected by retail stores and could delay the release schedule. Of course we’ll help you as much as we can to ensure proper delivery of your products, but please follow the Preparation Letter and Metadata...

How do I fill in (Column H) Release Artist(s)-Featuring(s)?

Name of artist(s) in band or artist(s) featured on EVERY track of THE ENTIRE ALBUM (e.g. ONLY when an artist(s) appears on every track of the album), separated by a pipeline (NOT a capital “I”) and no space between names (e.g. John Lennon|PaulMcCartney|GeorgeHarrison|Ringo Starr).  You create a pipeline by holding the shift key and pressing the forward slash “ \ ”  button.  The above said must be the same for all tracks on album. Pipeline example: Capital I= I Pipeline= | (e.g. John Lennon|Paul McCartney|George Harrison|Ringo Starr).

How do I fill in (Column X) Sub-genre?

Choose one per Album from the dropdown menu. If you cannot find the exact sub-genre for your album, please select the most suitable sub-genre in the pull down menu. DO NOT type in any sub-genres that are not available. NOTE: YOUR SELECTION MUST BE THE SAME FOR EVERY TRACK EMBODIED IN ANY GIVEN RELEASE. NOTE: THIS IS A REQUIRED FIELD, PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO SELECT A SUB-GENRE THAT BEST EMBODIES YOUR RELEASE.

How do I prepare audio files?

Please send each individual audio track as a WAV file. WAV files are the industry standard format and are high resolution files. Each WAV file track for an album should be placed within a folder specific to that album release (labeled by album title) and zipped (if possible). See further delivery instructions below. You will list each track and album in our Audio Metadata Template (.xls). Please remember to submit only one Audio Metadata Template for all your products (we don’t need individual spreadsheets for each album). Do not re-submit previous spreadsheet that embody previous releases that have already been delivered to us. Ensure that all audio tracks submitted are properly...

How do I fill in (Column Y) [C] Information?

This is for the Album's original release year. If album is unreleased, use current year and immediately followed by the name of your record label (e.g. 2013 The Sample Record Company).

How do I prepare album artwork?

Please send your front cover artwork as a JPEG, 1500x1500 pixels, 300 dpi RGB for each album, EP or Single. Each JPEG for a product should be placed within the above said respective album folder. Album artwork may not contain promotional logos for social media campaigns and/or third party site promotional icons. Album covers must embody the album title and primary artist(s).  Note: In some instances, our international licensees may request to manufacture CDs in their territories (which is ideal). Thus, in these scenarios, we would eventually need artwork for tray card and booklet as well along the way. This is not mandatory right now, and it’s always beneficial when it occurs, yet DO NOT...
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