What is streaming radio?

What is streaming radio?

There are two primary ways to deliver audio these days: downloads and streaming. With downloads, an audio file is stored on the user’s computer. Streaming audio is not stored, but only played. The success of streaming media is fairly recent, but the idea behind it has been around for quite a while. For instance, you are receiving streamed transmissions whenever you watch TV in your living room or listen to the radio in your car). With streaming, information travels to an electronic device in the form of a cable signal, a satellite signal or radio waves. Your device decodes and plays the signal. Unlike downloads, streaming radio transmissions are not stored on your devices.

Do I really need radio airplay?

Yes! All artists need radio play for numerous reasons. It is industry consensus that streaming does NOT erode download revenue. This is because people listen to streaming digital radio because they are in a “listening mode,” not necessarily a “purchasing mode”. At that moment, a person is not visiting a download store and trying to buy downloads; instead they are engaged with a radio station and simply trying to listen to music! Thus, if content owners (i.e. music labels and artists) do not offer their music to digital radio stations, they are missing out on two vital benefits. First, they are missing out on exposure, promotion, viral marketing, brand building, artist awareness,...

Are you actually saying that the fraction of pennies I’ll earn from each digital radio stream is worth it?

Yes, absolutely. Think of it this way…. First, streaming radio is trending worldwide at a high rate of consumption and is affordable for almost everyone. It will be available in most countries and at a cost-effective consumer rate—and it’s also becoming widely available in cars! Think about that for a moment. Second, if your music is not available on digital radio stations, then you are simply missing out on ancillary revenue, as well as incremental free promotions. Third, and most important, when someone downloads your music, it is typically a “one-time” purchase—which is fine… sort of. Yet via digital radio, someone can listen to that same recording hundreds or maybe...

Why should I have my music available on Spotify?

Remember, a “download” is a one-time event. A “stream” is an ongoing money stream. One could argue that “streaming” is a more fair way of rewarding good music because, the fact is that artists keep on receiving payments for years and years relevant to a specific track’s streams. It takes approximately 100-150 Spotify streams to make the same estimated sales revenue as a download. Streaming also might be able to reach more potential listeners worldwide because it may be more affordable, relevant to hardware devices and other costs. Also, customers can engage in streaming much easier when they travel in a car, etc.

What radio stations does Sugo Music Group distribute to?

Sugo Music Group distributes to all major and secondary radio stations on internet, mobile, satellite and cable channels. We even distribute to broadcasters that are difficult to reach and require significant time and effort to do so such as SirusXM, Deezer, rDio, Slacker, iHeart, and especially Pandora! The following is a list of our primary radio stations and radio aggregators. Keep in mind that some of these affiliates are larger international companies with numerous stations within their database: 24/7, Aspiro, Deezer, FNAC Direct, Google, iRadio, JbHifiMusic, LaLa, Last-FM, MediaNet, Microsoft Zune Music, MOG, MusicLoad, MUZ.RU CJSC, Myspace, Napster, Neowiz Bugs, NMusic, Omnifone,...

How long will it take to get my music accepted on these stations?

Typically we will have your music prepped and delivered within 30 days—depending on the size and condition of your archive. In some instances, we’ve een broadcasted within a week. Other stations such as Pandora and SiriusXM are different (they are not automated) and thus our delivery protocol is manual. Also, Pandora and SiriusXM reserve the rights to accept or reject any submission—yes, they are picky! That said, we have a good success rate with our manually delivered submissions!

How often will I receive streaming royalties?

All your streaming royalties will be included in your statement along with your download sales and other revenues generated. We send statements and royalty payments out to you on a quarterly basis. We’ll send your statements via email and your royalty checks can be by mail or direct deposit—you choose.
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