When will I receive my royalty statements?

When will I receive my royalty statements?

We send royalty statements via email to all of our licensors on a quarterly basis. All statements are delivered within 105 days after the close of each quarter.

When will I get paid?

As soon as we send your quarterly statement to you, your royalty payment will delivered to you by our accounting department within 14 days.

How will you get royalty money to me?

We’ll send your royalty payment by mail or direct deposit—you choose.

Why do you need my W-9 information?

A signed W-9 form is required by the IRS for anyone receiving money from royalty payments. Without this, we cannot pay you!

Do I need to submit my Tax ID or anything else?

Yes, we will need: 1) a signed W9 form that was provided to you (if you're a US artist or company) and please email or fax it to us; 2) if you're from outside the US, please fill out a W8-Ben Tax form and please email or fax it to us; 3) please ensure that your correct company address is also provided.

How much can I expect to earn from royalties?

The amount of royalties you make will depend on a multitude of factors: how many products you have; how many broadcasts, streams, licenses or placements you garner; how many interactive VS non-interactive streams are occurring, how many broadcasters and channels your music is on, etc.

Do you collect royalties for my songs that I already registered with a Performing Rights Organization?

No, that is not necessary. The PRO that you are registered with (e.g. ASCAP or BMI) will send your songwriter royalty directly to you. No need for worry or for the PRO to send the money to us first. We will ensure that your registration is set up correctly and that there are no restrictions or problems with your account.

What is a CAE/IPI number?

An IPI/CAE number is a nine-digit international identification number assigned to songwriters and publishers to uniquely identify rights holders. Your IPI/CAE number is available in the repertories of all Performing Rights Organizations (e.g. ASCAP or BMI) and can be found by searching for your name in their respective databases.

How do I collect royalties when my song is covered by another artist or released by a third party?

If your song is manufactured and sold by a third-party, you are entitled to a mechanical royalty. This will be paid to you by the third-party releasing the album for sale. This third-party could be a label releasing your songs, or a label / artist covering your songs.

How soon after my song is broadcast (e.g. on radio) will I get paid?

Typically in the US, there is a 6 to 9 month window of time before disbursements. With all Performing Rights Organizations, there is a lag period between the date of the use and the royalty payment.

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