Can’t I just sub-license my music myself?

FAQ / Can’t I just sub-license my music myself?

Yes, you can, yet each territory has its own procedures, policies and laws governing the licensing, performance and sale of music in its territory. In addition, every country has its own collection societies for the negotiation, collection and distribution of performance and mechanical monies—for both copyright owners and writer and publishing registrants. These foreign collection societies and organizations have payment rules very different from those in your territory or in the U.S.—in addition to sometimes taking significant deductions from royalties of master owners, writers and publishers prior to statements and payments. Some of these societies are very transparent, whereas others are not. Our sub-licensing team at Sugo Music Group provides a one-stop opportunity for all our label partners and artists in securing foreign licensing opportunities, and we’ll handle all the registration, monitoring and accounting issues with third party societies.

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