Do I really need radio airplay?

FAQ / Do I really need radio airplay?

Yes! All artists need radio play for numerous reasons. It is industry consensus that streaming does NOT erode download revenue. This is because people listen to streaming digital radio because they are in a “listening mode,” not necessarily a “purchasing mode”. At that moment, a person is not visiting a download store and trying to buy downloads; instead they are engaged with a radio station and simply trying to listen to music! Thus, if content owners (i.e. music labels and artists) do not offer their music to digital radio stations, they are missing out on two vital benefits. First, they are missing out on exposure, promotion, viral marketing, brand building, artist awareness, etc.  Second, many digital radio stations will provide a “BUY” button whereas listeners can click to purchase the corresponding track that they are listening to; thus content owners are also missing out on potential downloads that originate from radio streams. In conclusion, it is a widely accepted fact that streaming encourages more downloads!

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