How do I prepare audio files?

FAQ / How do I prepare audio files?

Please send each individual audio track as a WAV file. WAV files are the industry standard format and are high resolution files. Each WAV file track for an album should be placed within a folder specific to that album release (labeled by album title) and zipped (if possible). See further delivery instructions below. You will list each track and album in our Audio Metadata Template (.xls). Please remember to submit only one Audio Metadata Template for all your products (we don’t need individual spreadsheets for each album). Do not re-submit previous spreadsheet that embody previous releases that have already been delivered to us. Ensure that all audio tracks submitted are properly formatted as .wav files at 1411 kbps. This is the only acceptable format for audio file delivery. Please number all audio files consistently to reflect the set list sequence as provided in your Audio Metadata Template (e.g. 01 Track 1.wav or 01 Somewhere Over the Rainbow.wav…etc.).

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