How does Sugo Music Group make compilations?

FAQ / How does Sugo Music Group make compilations?

Sugo Music Group has a dedicated product development and A&R department that works directly with our label partners to ensure that the sound recording compilations are of the highest quality. Sugo Music Group has produced thousands of compilations over the past 30 years and is highly regarded in the industry for doing so. Currently we produce 100 albumcompilations per month. Through the years, Sugo Music Group has created private label compilations for some of the mostbrand-conscious companies in the world such as Hard Rock Hotel, National Geographic, Sharper Image, Starwood and Kimpton Hotels, Banana Republic, Pottery Barn, Google, eBay, Discovery Channel, Bravo TV, and numerous more! We’ve learned that artists are much more easily discovered when their tracks or songs are found on multiple albums, especially in the digital era!Common Types of Compilations:

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