What do I need to do to be a part of CiD and Micro-Sync?

FAQ / What do I need to do to be a part of CiD and Micro-Sync?

Our CiD and Micro-Sync team will handle everything for you. We will format and deliver your music to YouTube’s Content ID system and various other channels that are emerging. This is an important step and must be done right. Then YouTube will scan your tracks with fingerprinting, watermarking and proprietary algorithms and register an exact sonic “fingerprint” for each and every one of your songs into respective databases. User Generated Content (UGC) matches will then occur. We monitor the matches, monetize the videos and collect revenue. From that point on, any time someone out there in the YouTube universe uploads a video that uses your song, you will make money from the ad revenue generated by that video. With Sugo Music Group’s CiD and Micro-Sync program, you’ll get paid for the usage of your music on the Internet, especially YouTube.

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