What is a “tethered download” (limited download)?

FAQ / What is a “tethered download” (limited download)?

A tethered download is a song file downloaded from a music subscription service that can be played only on computers registered to the account, as opposed to untethered downloads which can be played on compatible portable devices. Some services provide limited or “tethered” downloads, in which copies are made directly to user devices; however, the copies become unusable (or “expire”) after a certain period of time or when the user stops paying a service fee (and the copies may be usable only on certain devices). On the legal side of things, a tethered download requires both a master use license (to cover the “sound recording”) and a mechanical license (to cover the “musical work”). The good news is that Sugo Music Group provides a one-stop service for our label partners by managing all mandatory licenses and legal requirements on all tethered download global distributions!

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