What is a UPC bar code?

FAQ / What is a UPC bar code?

Short answer: A UPC bar code is a unique 12-digit serial number that identifies your specific product amongst all the other products on the marketplace. The long answer: The Universal Product Code (UPC) is a barcode symbology (i.e., a specific type of barcode) that is widely used in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and in other countries for tracking trade items in all types of stores. Its most common form, the UPC-A, consists of 12 numerical digits, which are uniquely assigned to each trade item. Along with the related EAN barcode, the UPC is the barcode mainly used for scanning of trade items at the point of sale, per GS1 specifications, yet is also used for various digital products. UPC data structures are a component of GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers). All of these data structures follow the global GS1 specification which bases on international standards.

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