What is “non-interactive digital streaming (Internet radio)?

FAQ / What is “non-interactive digital streaming (Internet radio)?

Non-interactive streaming services are very generally defined as those in which the user experience mimics a radio broadcast. That is, users may not choose a specific track or artist they wish to hear, but are provided a pre-programmed or semi-random combination of tracks, the specific selection and order of which remain unknown to the listener (i.e. no pre-published playlist). Unlike music downloads or podcasts, streaming does not result in permanent copies of masters or songs being transferred to the listener. Rather, streaming is transient and any resulting copies aretypically only temporary cache or buffer copies (also known as “ephemeral” copies). On the legal side of things, a non-interactive stream requires both a statutory “sound recording” license administered by an organization called SoundExchange in the United States (and numerous other international PRO’s) which collects and distributes streaming royalties to content owners and performers, and a public performance “song” license (from ASCAP, BMI, or other Performing Rights Organizations). The good news is that Sugo Music Group provides a one-stop service for our label partners by managing all mandatory licenses and legal requirements for any global non-interactive digital streaming distributions!

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