What radio stations does Sugo Music Group distribute to?

FAQ / What radio stations does Sugo Music Group distribute to?

Sugo Music Group distributes to all major and secondary radio stations on internet, mobile, satellite and cable channels. We even distribute to broadcasters that are difficult to reach and require significant time and effort to do so such as SirusXM, Deezer, rDio, Slacker, iHeart, and especially Pandora! The following is a list of our primary radio stations and radio aggregators. Keep in mind that some of these affiliates are larger international companies with numerous stations within their database: 24/7, Aspiro, Deezer, FNAC Direct, Google, iRadio, JbHifiMusic, LaLa, Last-FM, MediaNet, Microsoft Zune Music, MOG, MusicLoad, MUZ.RU CJSC, Myspace, Napster, Neowiz Bugs, NMusic, Omnifone, Pandora, rDio, Rhapsody, simfy GmbH, SirusXM, Slacker, Spotify, Synacor, Telus, Turntable.fm, Verizon, WE7, Xbox Music, Zune/Xbox Music, and more.

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