Who, what and where does Sugo Music Group distribute?

FAQ / Who, what and where does Sugo Music Group distribute?

Sugo Music Group distributes to 100 countries—including China and India—and we service all major online sites & mobile carriers. We offer the largest host of music & video distribution services including global downloads, airplay, publishing, licensing, synchronization, manufacturing and more! For 3 decades, Sugo Music Group has built cutting-edge delivery systems for music licensors, labels and artists around the world. We were one of the first to integrate digital and physical distribution, recognizing the importance of distributing across all channels and formats—all with superior asset management protocol. Whether it’s a full length on iTunes and Amazon, a stream on Deezer and Rhapsody, an MPL placement for film and TV, a UGC track and CiD on YouTube, a ringtone through Nokia and Telefonica, or manufactured CDs and DVDs through Amazon, we supply hundreds of outlets around the world through our proprietary Delivery & Operations Database.

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