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Unique new music video brings a dream to life thousands of feet above Napa Valley with singer-songwriter Molly Maguireʼs latest crowd-funded project: Hot Air Balloon.

Bolinas May 19th, 2015: Some dreams make you wonder, most dreams pass by unnoticed or forgotten; but Molly Maguire ʼs lucid dream about resolving love ʼs mystery from a bird ʼs eye view--literally--in a hot air balloon, demanded attention.

“The dream was so clear and vivid, full of such colorful detail. The balloons themselves, the fabric was literally like looking into a kaleidoscope. All my dream self needed to do to resolve the pain of my heartbreak was to rise above life--to zoom out and see it all from a different perspective,” says Molly.

Her song Hot Air Balloon was composed minutes after waking, and she spent the next months figuring out the challenges of turning the song into a visual reality by making a music video.

Molly Maguire has launched successful albums reaching a global audience. Her music is getting significant airplay on online radio stations, and was featured in the full -length motion picture Morgan. But despite her rise in exposure, her quarterly royalty checks rarely cover a tank of gas. 1,000 air plays on Spotify, for example, yield $1.

“The music industry is different today than it was ten, even five, years ago. My online fans continue to grow, but I am unable to fund my own projects. This is why fundraising platforms are so important: they provide music fans and lovers an opportunity to support music they believe in now that online listening is virtually free of charge.”

Molly was able to raise enough funds through her online campaign to turn the song into a music video with her latest band and musical project Milly Wandering. The video, written and directed by Molly, and filmed and edited by Paul Helzer and Alana Lowe, was shot in a hot air balloon in Napa Valley, as well as at the Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma.

In addition to launching the music video, Molly is recording a full length album with Milly Wandering, as well as working on a solo album of cover songs. Visit her website to hear some of these recordings.

The names of musicians and artists featured in the song will likely resonate with people familiar with the Bay Area art and music scene:

Michael Bello (bass guitar), Amber Hines (vocals, percussion), Katy Boyd (cello), Damien Rasmussen (recording, mixing engineer), Diana Lerwick (graphic design), Charlie Docherty (cover art), Amanda Mann (actor), Edward Mann (actor), Philippa Shenandoah (hair and make-up), Paul Helzer (director of photographer, film editor) & Alana Lowe (film editor).

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