How To Promote Your Song On Apple Music

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Once you’ve compiled your digital marketing strategy, you will want to learn how to promote your song on Apple Music. Streaming platforms are vital to your music career, whether you're an international superstar or an up-and-coming local act. And music promotion is an essential part of any artist's journey. Learn how to promote your song on Apple MUsic! 

Apple Music is the second largest streaming platform worldwide, with 78 million subscribers. Users are treated to a unique listening experience on the platform, and artists have access to special features to promote their music. These features include pre-adds, embeddable music players, and track links. By implementing a few promotional strategies, you can maximize your music’s likelihood of discovery.

This post will show you how to promote your songon Apple Music. We’ll cover all you need to know about the platform, including the features available to artists for music promotion. Let’s get started.

Reasons to Promote Your Tracks on Apple Music 

Music streaming is on the rise, and with good reason. There are so many great music streaming platforms available, and Apple Music is one of them.

Apple is one of the most renowned brands globally with a large and loyal fan base. It is synonymous with class and quality, and so is its digital streaming platform. After launching Apple Music in 2015, it didn’t take too long for the platform’s popularity to skyrocket.

In fact, close to 80 million people around the world are Apple Music subscribers. This places Apple Music in the top five most-used music streaming platforms worldwide.

Apple Music offers a unique streaming experience with tons of exclusive music. It allows users to stream songs in standard lossless/CD-quality and high-resolution lossless audio. Additionally, it offers spatial audio with Dolby Atmos, creating an immersive listening experience for users.

Another reason for Apple Music’s popularity is its availability. Unlike other music streaming platforms, it’s not limited to specific countries or regions. It’s available in 167 countries, making it one of the most widespread platforms worldwide.

Apple Music’s user base and popularity justifies why learning how to promote your music on Apple Music is vital. With your songs on the platform and a solid marketing strategy, you'll be in the sights of millions of users.

Apple Music’s Features for Music Promotion

Apple Music is a great platform to promote your music because it has numerous features artists can use to their advantage. While determining how to promote your song on Apple Music, you’ll learn to make the most of these features. As a result, your music can reach a wider audience. And you can build stronger relationships with your fans.

Apple Music-Branded Assets

Apple provides artists with branded assets, which are available to everyone who signs up to Apple Music for Artists, for promoting their music. These include but are not limited to badges, QR codes, and logos

When optimizing these assets creatively you can boost your streams and discoverability by strategically embedding them on your social media profiles or website. Be sure to check out Apple Music’s identity guidelines when using the assets, so you adhere to their specifications.

The ‘Listen Now’ Section

The ‘Listen Now’ section on Apple Music helps users discover new music, artists, and personal mixes. Apple Music may recommend your songs if a user likes artists who have a similar sound to yours. As a result, you could gain a new fan organically.

This feature isn’t necessarily a “for artists” feature, nor is it within your control. However, it’s ideal for drawing attention to your tracks on Apple Music.


Take advantage of Apple Music's pre-adds feature when you're planning to release new music. Pre-adds allow fans and listeners to include upcoming tracks in their library and playlists.

Once your music is released, everyone who pre-added your tracks will be notified. As a result, fans can stream, share, and enjoy your music without you having to do as much legwork.

Twitter Song Samples

With this feature, artists can share 30-second snippets of their tracks in a Tweet directly from Apple Music. This is great because potential fans can sample your music on Twitter.

As a result, more people can share and discover your music. And they can quickly head to your Apple Music artist profile if they want to listen to the full version. Once there, they’ll be able to follow you to stay up to date with new releases.

Embeddable Music Players

Apple Music also offers embeddable music players for music promotion. You can incorporate these on your website to spruce it up. And to grab your website visitor’s attention and interest.

Bear in mind that website visitors can only stream a 30-second track sample. However, if they are subscribed to Apple Music, they can sign in and listen to the entire track.


You’ll have several moments to celebrate throughout your music career. Whether it’s topping the charts in your genre or landing on a premium playlist.

With Apple Music Milestones, you can easily share your achievements on the platform. You’ll receive custom-made cards highlighting your milestone to share with fans on your social profiles.

Look at Milestones like a stamp of approval that can potentially increase your credibility. Once people notice your achievements, it may pique their interest and draw them to your music.

Track links are another feature available to artists on Apple Music. These are essentially URLs leading to your songs on Apple Music.

You can use them on your social media profiles to encourage fans to listen to your Apple Music tracklist. Alternatively, you can send a link to a track to your email subscribers.

How to Promote Your Song on Apple Music

Badges and icons are ideal for letting fans know they can stream your tracks on Apple Music. Share them on your social media profiles, other music streaming platforms, and marketing materials.

Now that you know about Apple Music's features for artists let's look at how you can take advantage of them. When looking into how to promote your music on Apple Music, first make sure your songs are available on the platform.

Your label will handle this if you’re a signed musician. However, independent artists will need to work with a music distributor to get their tracks on Apple Music. This process doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.

But be sure to use a music distributor with adequate experience in the music industry. Sugo Music Group has been helping artists distribute their music for 35 years, so they know their way around these platforms.

In addition, they ensure your music is available on over 200 streaming and download platforms. This includes the major players, like Spotify and Apple Music.

Therefore, if you don’t have a music distributor to get your music on these platforms, reach out to Sugo Music Group. Once your tracks are available on Apple Music, you can implement the promotion strategies below.

Claim & Verify Your Artist Profile

If you haven't claimed and verified your artist profile yet, it should be your first priority. This is because you can access unique features once you claim your artist profile. And you can't implement most of the upcoming strategies without access.

To claim your artist profile on Apple Music:

  1. Sign in or create an account on Apple Music for Artists.
  2. Click Request Artist Access.
  3. Enter your artist name. Alternatively, search for your artist page on the iTunes Store. Then copy and paste the page link in the search field.
  4. Choose an album to ensure you’re requesting access to the right page.
  5. Select your role, then provide the requested information for verification.

According to Apple Music, verifying your account will take 48 hours or less. And you can keep track of your verification status in Apple Music for Artists. Once your account is verified, a badge will appear on your artist profile.

To speed up the verification process, provide as much information as possible. This includes links to your personal websites and social media accounts. All this information will enable Apple Music to verify your identity quickly.

Upon verification, you can implement the following marketing strategies. You can also change your artist image.

Choosing a clear image of yourself or your band helps fans quickly discover your Apple Music profile. Note that Apple Music will review your artist image for up to five business days before it appears on your profile.

Utilize Badges, Icons, & QR Codes

Since Apple Music provides artists with branded assets, you can use them to promote your song on Apple Music. Learning how to promote your music on Apple Music with badges, icons, and QR codes is simple.

All those assets are available on the Apple Music Marketing Tools website. What’s more, they are customizable. You can change the layout, theme, and language.

Badges and icons are ideal for letting fans know they can stream your tracks on Apple Music. Share them on your social media profiles, other music streaming platforms, and marketing materials. 

Alternatively, use QR codes to promote your music at live shows. Print them on cards or pamphlets and hand them out to fans. They can scan the code with their smartphones and discover your music on Apple Music.

To generate a badge, icon, or QR code, visit the Apple Music Marketing Tools website. Search for the track or album you want to promote, then customize the badge or icon. Copy the track or album's link and share it with your fans.

Embed a Music Player on Your Website

The Apple Music embeddable player makes a great addition to your website. Visitors can preview your latest tracks and albums. And if they like what they hear, they can visit your Apple Music profile and listen to more of your music.

An embedded player is also great because it keeps people on your website. If a visitor is subscribed to Apple Music, they can listen to your songs without leaving.

To embed the player on your website, visit Apple Music Marketing Tools. Enter the song or album you want to promote in the search bar. You’ll be redirected to a page where you can customize the player and copy the embed link. 

Leverage Your Social Media Profiles

Don't neglect your social media accounts when considering how to promote your song on Apple Music. You can use your existing following to boost your streams and follower count on Apple Music. To promote your Apple Music tracks on your socials, use the following strategies:

  • Share a 30-second clip of a song in a Tweet. Fans can listen to the sample and click the link to listen to the whole track on Apple Music. Bear in mind you can only do this for single songs and not albums.
  • Add a link for your new release in your Instagram bio or Facebook Page CTA button. This will direct fans to the Apple Music app on their phones, where they can stream your songs.
  • Create an Instagram or Facebook story promoting your track or album and include the link. Once a fan clicks the track or album’s link, they can listen to it on Apple Music.

Connect With Other Musicians

This strategy to promote your music on Apple Music requires you to go off the platform. You’ll use your existing social media profiles to build a network with other Apple Music artists. Supporting other Apple Music artists is ideal for boosting your visibility and discoverability.

Follow artists on your socials and interact with them. If you enjoy their music, share their tracks on your Instagram or Facebook story and tag them. They might return the favor and give their audience a taste of your music.

Value community from the start, and it'll pay off in the future. Opportunities for collaboration may arise. Or you may end up connecting with someone who will change the trajectory of your music career for the better.

Get Your Music on a Playlist

Getting on a playlist is another strategy when considering how to promote your song on Apple Music. It isn't the easiest. However, you’ll be rewarded for your promotional efforts and persistence once you get on one.

Unlike on Spotify and Amazon Music, you can’t pitch your tracks for playlist placement on Apple Music. An editorial team curates all their playlists. Therefore, you can’t control whether you end up on a playlist. Unless, of course, you know one of the Apple Music curators.

However, don’t despair. Just because the playlists are curated doesn't mean emerging or independent artists don’t have a chance to get on one. These are ways you can increase your chances of getting on an Apple Music playlist. These are a few of them:

  1. Get your profile verified as soon as possible. A verified profile will make you more credible and visible to the Apple Music playlist curators.
  2. Share links for your Apple Music tracks on your social media profiles. This makes your music and Apple Music more visible. You’ll attract users to Apple Music, which shows them you care about the platform’s success.
  3. Grow your following off-platform. Having a growing following outside of Apple Music can influence their bottom line. The more people you have to promote your Apple Music tracks to, the larger their user base becomes.

The Bottom Line

Music is the most essential aspect of some people's lifestyles. And so many people love streaming it online.

Artists can leverage the massive popularity of music streaming platforms to increase their credibility, visibility, and discoverability. With some know-how, you can add your tracks to Apple Music and make them available for streaming on the app.

You can promote your tracks and albums using pre-adds, links, and Apple Music-branded assets. Once you learn how to promote your song on Apple Music, it will be more accessible to listeners on the platform. You will also receive valuable feedback in the form of analytics to help you improve your music.

Remember, consistency is critical. Uploading more music on the platform increases your chances of success. If you don't have a new EP, LP, or album to release, you can upload remixes, covers, bonus tracks, or once-off collaborations. New releases keep fans interested, and they'll be less likely to forget about you.


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