In-Store Music ...

Why In-Store Music?

Empirical evidence shows the link between music in retail environments and increased retail sales, especially for a consumer’s impulse purchasing behavior within stores and business environments. Sugo Music Group works with numerous In-Store Media service providers that supply next-generation music and entertainment applications for businesses worldwide.

Experience Pays Off!

From 1983 through 2003, one of our divisions within Sugo Music Group provided 15,000 retailers, gift stores, in-store music services, and various other businesses with in-store play & sell music. We were regarded as the quintessential leader of play & sell music in the USA. Through this, we developed a keen understanding of consumer and psychographic retail trends. This led to subsequent partnerships with leading In-Store Media providers such as Mood Media (DMX), Play Network, Stingray (and its affiliates Music Choice and Galaxie), and several others.

In-Store Channels

Together with our partners, Sugo Music Group canvases the international retail and business marketplace, consisting of 6 continents; 11 million homes; 200,000 businesses; 30 airlines; thousands of bars, restaurants, hotels, theme parks, ice and roller skating rinks and circuses; veterans and fraternal organizations and more.

Change Creates Opportunity

Recent changes in the music industry have opened the door to a plethora of new opportunities. Musicians and music labels are now encouraged to let their creative spirit show through innovation—resulting in some of the most groundbreaking digital campaigns we’ve ever seen. These changes have also opened up an incredible opportunity for content owners, retailers, distributors, licensees, and brands to work together—engaging both music fans and the brands’ target audience. In-Store Media is just another distribution channel to share your music, promote your brand, and garner incremental revenue through Performance Rights Organizations and direct licensees.

Content That Connects!

Next time you are in a retail or business environment (e.g. gift store, shopping mall, coffee shop, doctor’s office, “on-hold” with a receptionist, etc.), see how In-Store Media works. Some of the most brand-conscious companies in retail, apparel, hospitality, grocery, dining, healthcare, and more are all seeking better connections with customers. Aggregators within Sugo Music Group’s In-Store Media partner database are building applications and in-store music services that take music far beyond the inner store environment, empowering consumers to connect with your music and business brands through emerging technologies.


Join the Sugo Music Group and contact us today. See how, why, and where your music can earn more monies! Get plugged into In-Store Media!



QWhat is In-Store Media?

A:You can experience how In-Store Media works by simply walking into almost every store or business environment that plays music. Music, videos, and other various multimedia are broadcasted within commercial environments to provide a satisfying, inspiring, and artistic ambiance. For certain retailers, studies show that playing the right music can increase sales up to 50%—and also creates supplementary revenue annuities for artists!


QWhy should I make my music available to Sugo Music Group for In-Store Media?

A:In-store and other business broadcasts enable musicians, music labels, multimedia archives, and content owners to garner increased revenues while promoting your brand, bands, and artists and garnering incremental sales through supplemental music distribution services! Think of it as an actor or actress doing a voice-over or having their photo in an advertisement. It’s just another way to increase your audience base, engage new fans, promote your artwork, earn new royalties, and round out your Complete Distribution Portfolio.


QWho are Sugo Music Group’s retail business broadcasting partners?

A:Sugo Music Group works with the leading In-Store Media providers such as Mood Media, Play Network, Stingray, Music Choice, and Galaxie, among others. This is just another way that we differentiate ourselves from our other distributors, another way how to license your music, and another way how to distribute music in general within your Complete Music Distribution Portfolio.


QWhy can’t I just submit my music to stores myself?

A:Building enterprise relations with In-Store Media groups, formatting audio, and metadata, and delivering assets and quality control checks are a full-time job. Through the years, our In-Store Media division has developed those relationships and systems. This allows you to do what you do best: creating and marketing your music!