The Digital Music Distribution Revolution: Distributing Your Music in the Era of Streaming

The Digital Music Distribution Revolution: Do you remember transistor radios? It was not so long ago when transistor radios used to be a regular part of our everyday life. The mobility of transistor radios (okay, admit it, radios were the first true ‘mobile’ devices) was one of the major reasons behind its popularity.

Transistor radio was a great companion, but like many other things of the eighties and nineties, it met its demise too. Now, when the ubiquitous Internet has been taken for granted, we are witnessing the rebirth of transistor radio in the form of Digital Streaming Radio.

Streaming services are rapidly gaining popularity. Widespread use of smart devices is driving the growth of streaming radio and we can fairly assume that it will continue to grow in coming years.

The Digital Music Distribution Revolution: Distributing Your Music in the Era of Streaming

What does it mean for the music industry?

Digital streaming radio is a new form of music distribution service that uses specific streaming technology that seamlessly transmits music to devices. According to a report by Nielsen, digital music consumption habit in the US is quickly shifting from downloads to streaming.

From the first half of 2013, on-demand streaming increased by 42% and totaled 70 billion plays in the first half of 2014. This staggering growth in streaming had a catastrophic impact on music market revenue as digital track sales fell 13% to 593.6 million and album sales fell 11.6% to 53.8 million.

Streaming music beats digital downloads on several fronts: it’s cost-effective, requires no storage space, and there are a number of options to choose from such as Pandora, Spotify or Beats Music. As the web is marching towards the Internet of Things where everything will be connected, digital streaming radio is looking like a lifestyle certainty.

The Digital Music Distribution Revolution: Whose future depends on it?

The rise of digital music streaming has posed a threat on music market revenue. This disruption caused by digital music streaming radios has an impact on music industry professionals, record labels, musicians and music content owners. In face of declining revenues, the most important question for them is how to generate money from online and mobile music in the digital era.

Besides that, there are other critical questions like where to promote music, how to monetize digital streaming services, and why they should adapt themselves to the new distribution system. Musicians and record labels around the world are quite concerned about these issues and are trying to find the right answers.

Theyve found the answer!

The Digital Music Distribution Revolution: Technology is changing everything and there’s little room left for music industry professionals to stick to the conventional way of distributing and monetizing their music. It is imperative that music professionals use the new technologies, channels and streaming in a wise way.

Now, wouldn’t it be good if someone could provide a complete solution to these problems and take care of all the distribution and monetization tasks? Sugo Music provides a complete distribution and music publishing solution to all channels and is continuously improvising its services to meet the needs of musicians, record labels and licensors around the world.

Sugo Music Group, located near San Francisco, CA USA, is a global industry leader for digital music distribution, sales, publishing and broadcasts. For over 30 years, we’ve provided complete distribution portfolios for our label partners in hundreds of domestic and foreign territories.

In this era of Digital Streaming Radio and evolving consumer devices, Sugo Music Group ensures that your music will be broadcasted and sold throughout the world by leading radio brands and channels, and inside consumers’ homes, cars and workplaces for years to come.

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