Marketing Strategies for Music: Online Marketing Tools for Musicians

Marketing Strategies for Music: Being a musician, you might find it confusing in this insane world of online marketing. There are thousands of websites and hundreds of tools. Among this chaos, it is difficult to find out the best online marketing tools for musicians. On the other side of the coin, online marketing has brought you the opportunity to spread your music, build a brand image for yourself, create and manage your fan following and ultimately, rise to fame.

Marketing Strategies for Music: Online Marketing Tools for Musicians

1. Reverbnation

Marketing Strategies for Music: Reverbnation provides a complete marketing solution package for musicians. With Reverbnation, artists can spread their music on social media platforms, run email marketing campaigns, get reviewed by fans, contact with promoters to book shows, create app, create flexible and customizable widgets that can be placed on any site and distribute music on stores like iTunes.

2. ArtistData

ArtistData, now owned by SonicBids, helps artists to update status and postings automatically on social networks, partner sites, concert databases and other places. ArtistData saves your time and effort by automating updates across all your online marketing channels.

3. Bandpage

Artists can create beautiful profiles on Bandpage and promote customized offers to fans through it. Bandpages is a unique way to connect with your fans and reach more fans. Bandpage is being used by many artists to help them grow their fanbases.

4. Fanbridge

Marketing Strategies for Music: If you want to keep in touch with you fanbase through emails, Fanbridge provides you the solution. Fanbridge offers email marketing service with a social twist designed specifically for artists. With Fanbridge, you can send beautiful emails to your friends, create customized landing pages and measure results of your actions with its proprietary FanRank algorithm.

5. Mobbase

In this age of smart devices, having an app is almost mandatory for proper promotional strategy. You can easily create an app with Mobbase for iPhone, Android and other mobile devices and embed your music, videos, news updates, photos and tour dates on it so that your fans can be always in touch.

6. Topspin

Topspin provides a direct-to-fans sales and marketing platform. Topspin is a sophisticated and rich marketing automation tool that lets you run email marketing campaigns, create streaming players, sell digital downloads and merchandises, promote concerts and shows and much more.

7. Tweetforatrack

Marketing Strategies for Music: Twitter has enhanced its video and music embedding feature. However, Tweetforatrack provides an easy way to promote your music on Twitter and Facebook through free download in exchange of retweeting.

8. SproutSocial

SproutSocial is not exactly for musicians only, it is rather a great social media marketing tool for all. You can automate, schedule and analyze your social status updates with it, find targeted people, get customized reports and do a lot more with SproutSocial.

9. Artistlink

Artistlink helps musicians to promote music on Spotify, BeatsMusic and MTV. You can leverage the traffic in Beats Music App to drive visitors to your site or sell directly to your fans. Also, it enables you to sell directly on your Spotify artist page and get a free MTV artist page.

If you are a musician and would like to make your mark in the cyber world and grow your fanbase, these nine tools can be tremendously helpful. Are you using any other tool for your online marketing? Let us know in the comment section so that we can include them in this list.

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