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Put music on Spotify! It’s easy with Sugo Music Group, especially since we do not charge any set-up fees or submission costs! Spotify is one of the largest and most powerful streaming sites, so it's important to have a music partner who understands exactly how to distribute your music, your artwork, and your song metadata the right way from the start. Put music on Spotify today!


NO SET-UP FEES: There are no set-up costs. Never, ever! You’ll get unlimited submissions at no charge.

EVERY MUSIC SITE: We'll put your music onto over 180 streaming and download services around the world—the most by any distributor.

WE LISTEN: Our A&R team will listen to every song you submit. This helps us better understand your artwork and how to get it placed throughout the world.

GET PUBLISHED: We’ll publish every original song you submit. More publishing means more royalties.

OLD & WISE: We are the oldest music distributor in the digital streaming world. We know how to get it right.


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Follow these three easy steps:

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3. ONE WEEK: Listen to your music around the world. 


Stevan Pasero internationally acclaimed guitarist

Stevan Pasero, Composer/Musician -- with Sugo Music since 1985

“Sugo Music has sold millions of my albums!”

Bill Banfield performing onstage

Bill Banfield, Musician/President of Jazz Urbane Recordings … with Sugo Music since 2015

“With SUGO Music Group, we have a music distribution partner who really cares and delivers results! For us, the Sugo team has been a digital sales wizard, an expert distribution springboard, and hands-on music & video distribution partner. There is no other way to do this right but to have a competent and caring company like Sugo Music Group to work with!”


What is Spotify?

Spotify is a digital streaming platform with millions of songs, videos, and podcasts and is available in up to 180 territories.

Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists is a service where you can access your audience statistics, promote your music, and manage your artist profile. There are Spotify for Artists apps on both iOS and Android.

How does Spotify work?

Consumers can stream your music through Spotify's subscription service (monthly) or with their free service (ad-enabled). Either way, Sugo Music with monitor all your streams and pay streaming royalties to yo

Why should you put your music on Spotify?

Spotify increases your sales revenue as an artist, heightens your chances of breaking a hit, gives visibility to you as a solo/indie artist or ensemble, and allows you to pick a release date. Oh, and it's the largest subscription streaming service in the world!

How to release music on Spotify?

You have choices when selecting a music distributor for Spotify. Most distributors are pretty good; however, Sugo Music charges no submission fees, we'll listen to every one of your songs, we are the oldest music distributor in the digital streaming industry, we have the largest distribution network, we are also a music publisher for your songwriting, and we have a great customer service team that can answer all your questions about Spotify and will take good care of you throughout your musical career.

Is Spotify basically a record label now?

No. Spotify is not a record label. It is a digital music streaming platform.

How much does Spotify cost?

Spotify charges consumers $9.99 for their monthly subscription service (or consumers can join their free, ad-enabled listening channel). It's free for you to submit songs to Spotify through your Sugo Music account (other music distributors will charge you a submission fee, up to $29.99 per album) .

How long does it take to get my music on Spotify?

Sugo Music is fast, but keep in mind that we do want to listen to your music and double-check that all your music files, art files, and metadata are optimized and meet the requirements of Spotify worldwide. Give us a week or so, and we'll get your music delivered!

How much can you earn on Spotify?

Spotify pays between $.003 to $.005 per stream. Hence, you need about 250 streams to make one dollar. That said, remember that your music can be searched, discovered, and played worldwide, 24/7/365. Hmm, that can be lots of dollars adding up!

Quick facts about Spotify

Spotify is regarded as the world's largest streaming service, with over 60,000 tracks added daily. They'll will soon have up to 500 million active users. Oh, and the name Spotify was formed from two words, "Spot and Identify."

How does Sugo Music help to put your music on Spotify?

Sugo Music does all the diligent work necessary for Spotify's strict metadata guidelines and submission policies. We make sure your recordings and songs are fully optimized and widely distributed. We monetize, register, and ensure that your music is submitted correctly to Spotify to meet all the stringent metadata and formatting requirements.

Why should you choose Sugo Music to put your music on Spotify?

Sugo Music Group has been in the music distribution and publishing business for over 35 years. This is longer than any other digital music distributor in the industry. Our company was founded by artists, musicians, and a savvy business entertainment team. This makes us appreciate all our artists' music as unique works of art. Here at Sugo Music Group, we ensure that your content will be professionally registered, formatted, delivered, and monetized on Spotify—the right way—and all other major streaming stores around the world.