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Explore some of the strangest and most unique guitars in the world.

Music lovers and collectors alike are always on the lookout for unique versions of their craft. When it comes to guitars, there are literally hundreds of thousands of guitars for sale and available to the public. But, so many are simply ordinary and mundane.

Because of this, places like Norman’s Rare Guitars and other specialty shops are greatly increasing in popularity. Nowadays, it isn’t enough to simply own a guitar. If you really want to stand out, you need something special and unique. While Oscar Schmidt Guitars are great and high quality, you may be more interested in something a little more out of the ordinary.

Well, today, we’ve got you covered! We are going to be showing you the top 20 unique guitars in the world. These guitars are not only unique, but they are also quirky in their own way, making them a great way to stand out and definitely grab some attention and a few looks!

Top 20 Unique Guitars

1. The Flipout

At first glance, it may seem that all is normal, but upon further inspection, the farthest is from the truth! As the name suggests, this guitar is literally flipped! While it may not seem all that practical, it will definitely be a conversation starter when you whip it out at your next gig or get-together! And, while $459 isn’t necessarily cheap, it’s definitely affordable when you think about something so unique!

Source: Dewey Decibel’s

2. Gun Guitar

Want one of the best guitars for metal? What screams metal more than a gun guitar? While the price tag is around $700 for this rocking guitar, you’re sure to kill it at your next event….Do you see what we did there?!

gun unique guitars for metal music

Source: Music Thing

3. Toilet Seat Guitar

Hopefully, your playing isn’t shi*t, but this toilet seat guitar sure is! While this is no doubt one of the most unique guitars on the market, it does make you wonder if the playing matches the guitar!

Source: Boing Boing

4. Cigar Box Guitar

We’re taking it really old school with this one. While it’s not necessarily known for its quality or its price tag, a cigar box guitar has been a historical staple for those who were too young to buy their own guitars, but wanted something to practice fulfilling their dreams of becoming a grade-A rockstar! With a little creativity, you could even make your own!

Source: Cigar Box Guitars

5. Jesus Guitar

Talk about craftsmanship at its finest! As an original Fender Stratocaster, it was carved into this masterpiece by Doug Rowell, and it has quite the story to go along with its uniqueness. It was actually stolen from its owner for almost 25 years before it was eventually returned with very few scratches or damage! Sounds to me like a certain someone was watching over this guitar while it was away!

Source: Carver Doug

6. Misa Kitara

futuristic unique guitars and  synthesizer Misa Kitara

Priced at $789, this futuristic guitar synthesizer has been around for over 30 years. Known to be user-friendly with a simple interface, it has some remarkable similarities to a traditional guitar with just a few differences. You will definitely stand out in the crowd with this one!

Source: Vintage Guitar

7. Triple Neck Guitar

What’s better than a guitar with one neck? How about a guitar with three?! If your gift is multitasking while also looking like the epitome of rock and roll, this is the strange guitar for you!

Source: Lucas Tri Cagnoli

8. Electric Harp Guitar

Is it a harp? Is it a guitar? It’s both? Well, then how is it electric? This guitar made it on our top 20 unique guitars because we just can’t entirely wrap our heads around it all!

Source: Odd Music

9. Shark Guitar

At only $274, this lighted Glen Burton electric shark guitar is another weird and fun way to stand out in the crowd. Whether you’re a Jaws fan, your favorite week is Shark Week on Discovery Channel, or you love all things ocean, this guitar is for you!

Source: Reverb

10. Guitar Bass

one of a kind bass guitar by david merriweather

This one-of-a-kind piece was created by David Merriweather from a sketch the owner had drawn. You can tell his level of detail is uncanny with this wacky and unique guitar.

Source: Odd Music

11. Nano Guitar

Named appropriately, this guitar comes in at a whopping 10 micrometers! You may not be playing this at your next gig, but it’s definitely a show-stopper! Even if you could hear the music it makes, you’d need a laser light instead of a pick to play this amazing piece of engineering!

Source: Lutherie

12. Lego Guitar

Are you or someone you know a Lego enthusiast? Then, this Lego guitar will be something that you simply can’t live without! This particular guitar has all of the functioning parts! All you need is a set of strings and you’ll be jamming away with a guitar made out of your all-time favorite childhood building blocks!

Source: Geek Alerts

13. Skatar

It’s a guitar! No...It’s a skateboard! Wait….it’s a Skatar! Combine both passions of skating and rock n roll in this strange and unique guitar! It’s definitely something to look at!

Source: Odd Music

14. Wangcaster

Well…if this isn’t one of the unique guitars in the world, we just don’t know what is. We don’t even think there’s much more we need to say here. So, we’ll let the Wangcaster simply speak for itself...

Source: Carver Doug

15. Scary Acoustic Guitar

scary acoustic skeleton unique guitars

This oddly shaped music gadget leaves us wondering just how functional it may be. It might even be a nightmare to attempt to play, but it doesn’t make it any less strange and unique!

Source: Music Thing

16. Solar Guitars

While a lot of the guitars on this list are completely out of left field, these strange guitars are strange in the best sense of the word. Solar guitars are typically looking guitars with a custom twist!

Source: Solar Guitars

17. Dean Powder Puff Zee

If you’ve got an extra $18,000.00 laying around, you might like a pair of these Dean Powder Puff Zee guitars! Who would have ever put electric guitars and fuzzy puffs together into one strange and unique item?

Source: Ed Roman

18. Satan Angel

So many of these on the list of the top 20 unique guitars are riddled with craftsmanship and this one is no different. Just picture a death metal or satanic rock band using this bad boy during one of their concerts!

Source: College Humor

19. The Naked Lady

Just like with the Wangcaster, this Naked Lady guitar simply speaks for itself. Someone who is bold and is on the more provocative side will find this guitar to be a perfect fit! You just might see a great number of people blushing when you play her.

Source: Music Thing

20. Heat Hawk

heat hawk guitar with internal amp and speakers

Call it unique. Call it attention-seeking. Call it ugly. Call it whatever you will, but this Heat Hawk guitar is definitely strange and one of a kind. Not to mention, it has its own internal amp AND speakers.

Source: Gizmodo

In Conclusion…

Strange can mean a lot of things. It can mean interesting. It can mean fabulous or ugly. It can be unbelievable, and it can even mean undeniably unique. No matter what your definition of strange may be, we hope that you found our list of the top 20 unique guitars to be both entertaining and, well, strange!

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