Online Guitar Courses for Beginners: Top 3 Lessons That You Should Consider

Online Guitar Courses for Beginners: A study published by the American Psychological Association (APA) reveals that playing guitar keeps your mind sharper as you age. And people who play this instrument regularly are less likely to have dementia. Find out what available courses online you should consider when getting guitar lessons. 

Learning to play the guitar is more than a hobby. It’s an activity that helps to soothe your soul and enable you to express yourself by playing beautiful melodies.

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Research suggests that the art of playing guitar improves our well-being. Physiologically, playing the guitar chords and reading music sheets tend to open up new neural pathways.

Interestingly, learning how to play the guitar is easier than ever. All you need is to register for reputable online guitar courses for beginners, and you could become an expert guitarist in no time.

If you still have a second thought about learning guitar online, here are some of the benefits of online guitar courses for beginners.

Benefits of Registering for Online Guitar Courses for Beginners

People tend to perform better and learn faster when they register for online guitar lessons. You won’t have physical interaction with anybody. Instead, you will spend more time learning and practicing what you have learned.

The prevalence of online guitar lessons has helped to connect people who are passionate about learning this instrument to quality instructors around the world.

How would you feel if you can comfortably become an expert guitarist without a physical teacher? It would be amazing, isn’t it? Well, it’s possible when you register for an online guitar class.

Quality Teachers

One of the advantages of online guitar lessons is that you can access some of the best guitar instructors. Distance isn’t a barrier in this case. Irrespective of where the guitar teachers are located, you can always learn from them.

Interestingly, most online guitar instructors are seasoned guitarists who want to teach the younger generation. There are several online guitar platforms with great teachers you can learn from.

No Commuting

When you register for an online guitar course, you don’t need to commute through the city to attend classes. You can attend classes from the comfort of your home. Most people who participate in physical guitar classes are sometimes late for classes due to unavoidable traffic jams.

However, if you register for an online guitar course, you can be attending classes online from the comfort of your bedroom. It’s incredible, right? Yeah, that’s the beauty of technology.

Convenient Scheduling

The convenience and comfort that come with online guitar classes are priceless. As a student, you have the option to decide the time of the day that’s more convenient for you. And if you miss any class, you can always reschedule it. The flexibility that comes with online guitar courses is what makes them outstanding.

Recording Lessons

Most online guitar courses allow you to record lessons. This will fast-track your learning process as you will have the option to revise the recorded lessons in your leisure time. And according to experts, this approach helps to improve the performance of most online guitar students.

sugo music blog learn guitar online

Increased Student Performance

People tend to perform better and learn faster when they register for online guitar lessons. You won’t have physical interaction with anybody. Instead, you will spend more time learning and practicing what you have learned.

Even though instructors are handling online guitar courses, you still need to spend more time practicing yourself. And the more you practice, the better you will become in the art of playing the guitar.

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Relatively Cheap and Cost-Effective

Online guitar courses for beginners are relatively cheap, and you don’t need to break the bank before registering for online guitar lessons. With a minimum of $20, you can register for an online class and get great value from the money spent.

Your Own Space

If you are a private person, registering for online guitar lessons is a perfect option for you. Unlike the actual guitar classes with several students (some who are already experts), online guitar courses for beginners are usually one-on-one lessons.

Again, how online guitar lessons move depends on how fast you learn. So, you decide the learning pace.

Access to Instructional Files

When you register for online guitar classes, you will have unlimited access to instructional materials. You can receive your instructional files via emails, instant messaging, cloud share, etc.

You can also practice with several instructional videos and music sheets online.

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You see, learning guitar online comes with several benefits. Even though you want to search for guitar center jobs, you can still learn the skills you need to become an expert online.

Online Guitar Courses for Beginners: Factors to Be Considered Before Choosing an Online Guitar Platform

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With several online guitar learning platforms on the internet, it can be challenging to choose one. However, if you want to get exceptional value from the money spent, here are things to consider before you should register for an online guitar course;


Of course, no amount is too much to acquire an excellent skill like playing guitar. But you still need to consider your budget when choosing an online guitar course.

Contrary to what you think, the value you get from online guitar lessons is not determined by your paying price. Sometimes, a low-price course could be more valuable and informative than a premium course.

As a rule, always try to balance the pricing; it shouldn’t be too low or too high. So, always opt for medium-priced online guitar courses that promise great value. You can acquire the skill level required to get guitar center jobs if you register for medium-priced courses.

Free Trial

Some of the best online guitar learning platforms offer free trials to their prospective students. Depending on the platform you want to use, you can have about 2 weeks to a month free trial.

If you are a beginner, you will find this particular feature helpful. You can check different websites and pay for the course you are more comfortable with.

During the free trial, you will learn about the various guitar accessories, major scale guitar, guitar neck notes, etc. Your experience during the free trial period will enable you to decide whether to register for the course or not.

Most platforms will request your credit card number and other general information before you can enjoy a free trial. And if you don’t want to continue your guitar classes on the platform after the trial, you can cancel the renewal.


If you are a beginner, you should check out the categorization of an online guitar course before subscribing. You tend to lose track while learning if the online course library isn’t classified.

But some of the best online guitar platforms arranged their learning library according to their students’ needs. This will enable you to choose the perfect lesson for your skill level.


The reputation of the online guitar learning platform you are choosing is essential. So, read about the platform, student reviews, and testimony. This will give you an overview of their reputation.

For instance, if most students complain that their platform is not user-friendly and the lessons they got were below what they expected, it’s an indication that the guitar learning platform is not reputable.


A good guitar learning platform should be user-friendly and glitch-free. It should be easy to navigate without the help of anybody. If you are a beginner, you need to seriously lookout for this factor before choosing any online guitar course.

Top 3 Online Guitar Courses for Beginners You Should Consider

sugo music blog guitar lessons online

It’s sometimes very challenging to get a reputable online guitar training platform. Of course, there are several online guitar courses out there, but most of them overpromise and underdeliver.

So, here are the top 3 online guitar courses you should consider;

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is one of the best online guitar courses for beginners. The platform teaches its students all they need to know about playing guitars, including guitar neck notes, guitar accessories, left-handed guitar, etc.

Guitar tricks is one of the most popular online guitar lesson platforms out there. Since its inception in 1998, the website has taught over 3 million people to play guitar, improve their skills, and become top-notch songwriters.

One of the reasons why Guitar Tricks is an excellent choice among guitar learners is the fact that their instructors teach with great techniques that enable every student to master their guitar playing skills in no time.

Interestingly, the platform has 14 days of free trial that enables you to decide whether the courses are suitable for your guitar learning goals.


Jamplay is another large online guitar learning platform that can help you achieve your guitar learning goals. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitarist, Jamplay has a course for you.

The platform offers over 4,392 HD quality video lessons, making it the second-largest online guitar learning platform. Interestingly, their classes are designed to enable you to learn quickly. With over 73 instructors on the platform, you are going to have great value for money spent.


Fender is not only a guitar learning platform but also invented the modern solid-body electric guitar. The platform rolled out its guitar learning app in 2017 to teach people how to become experts in playing Fender guitars.

Online Guitar Courses for Beginners: Conclusion

With the right online guitar course, you can become a great guitarist in no time. But it takes constant practice, commitment, and consistency to learn guitar-playing skills. Even if you register for the best online guitar course, without constant practice and commitment, you may not become an expert.

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