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Welcome to

Sugo Music Group

Celebrating Our 30 Year Anniversary!

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Global Music Distribution

Over 1200 online & mobile sites!

...get plugged in to every digital store!

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Global Radio Airplay

Every major broadcaster

including Pandora, SirusXM,

iRadio, Spotify, Beats Music & more!

...get plugged into every major broadcaster!

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Slide background Global Synchronization

Film, TV, video games, commercials, apps

Ad agencies, music supervisors and businesses!

...get synchronized!

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Global Licensing

From San Francisco to Singapore,

Berlin to Beijing,

Mumbai to Mexico City & more!

...get plugged in worldwide!

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Performance Rights Organizations

Complete Registration & Global Collection Services

ASCAP, BMI & over 100 international agencies!

Sound Exchange, Harry Fox Agency,

...get registered the right way!

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...and start collecting$$$

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On-Demand CD Manufacturing

Yes, we'll even make CDs for you too!

...get plugged in to all distributions!

-at no extra cost!

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Global Video Streaming

Earn more money via streams,

...we can help set you up!

monetization, ad placements and CiD!

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No Additional Fees, No Additional Costs

...get plugged in to your Complete Global Music Distribution Portfolio!

Free submissions, free UPCs and more!

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Get Your Music Distributed

in more ways than you can imagine! the global marketplace!

-all online, mobile, satellite, cable sites

-all download stores, broadcasters, streaming sites & apps

...get plugged in!

-sub-licensees, album compilations, CD manufacturing

-synch agents, music supervisors, CiD, PRO collections & more!

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Your distribution portfolio should be diversified!

Your music sales should come from numerous sources!

Don't settle for less... you definitely deserve more!

...get plugged in to all Distribution Channels!

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Sugo Music Group

Over 30 years of music distribution!

Complete full-service distribution - like no other!

Contact us and let's talk about YOUR distribution! your complete Music Distribution Portfolio!

...get plugged in!

Sugo Music delivers one of the most innovative, customizable, and complete music distribution packages to musicians around the world. For 30 years, we’ve worked closely with our artists and labels to provide an easy and effective all-in-one music distribution portfolio to over 1200 sites in 250 countries and territories, and the largest global music distribution network of retailers, broadcasters, licensors, and channels in the industry today!


You can choose our 100% Global Distribution Package or select specific services from our A-La-Carte Menu to sell music online, mobile, and to have your music streamed, licensed, registered, and monetized around the world. Either way, we’ll do all the work for you! There are no set-up fees and no submission costs! Click below to find out more or CLICK HERE to contact us!