Global Music Distribution ...

The Foundation of a Complete Distribution Portfolio!

Over the past 30 years, Sugo Music Group has built cutting-edge delivery systems for artists, labels, and music licensors around the world. We were one of the first to integrate digital and physical distribution, recognizing the importance of distributing across all channels and formats—all with superior asset management protocol. Whether it’s a full length on iTunes and Amazon, a stream on Deezer and Rhapsody, an MPL placement for film and TV, a UGC track and CiD on YouTube or a ringtone through Nokia and Telefonica, we supply hundreds of outlets around the world through our proprietary Delivery & Operations Database (DOD). We’ve distributed music products through every imaginable channel: music stores, gift shops, big box retailers, wholesalers, TV, Internet and mobile. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the ever-changing entertainment landscape: technology, social media, hardware, legal rulings, RIAA, distributors, collection agencies, labels, artists, music trends and more.

Building Long-Term Relationships for Our Label Partners

Sugo Music Group has established relationships and partnerships with the top online and mobile retailers, aggregators and distributors in the world. We fine tune and expand these affiliations on a daily basis to ensure that your audio masters are being delivered to listeners, viewers and industry professionals in as many territories as possible. Unlike other distributors which might only submit your music to a handful of retailers (and might also charge up-front annual fees to do so), Sugo Music Group will assure that your Masters will be available, accessible and beheld by consumers throughout the world. We have developed significant outreach programs to thousands of industry partners—including sub-licensees, music supervisors for film and TV, advertising and commercial agencies, sync brokers, monetization brokers, sub-publishers, video game licensees, broadcasters, performance rights organizations, distributors, retailers, labels and more. We might be able to secure overseas Master Use Licensing deals with various regional distribution companies, and we qualify emerging online and mobile outlets on a daily basis. In addition, our international mobile telecom database is growing every year, for both mobile download and streaming services.

Why Us?

Our company was founded in 1983 by artists, musicians and savvy business entrepreneurs. From the first day in the office, we decided to build our business acumen from the proverbial “one brick at a time” premise. Today, after 30 years of research, development, implementation and expansion, we firmly stand behind our philosophy of providing complete distribution portfolio solutions for our label partners. Get plugged In! Contact us today!



Have Distribution Questions? We Have Answers!

QCan’t I just contact digital download sites myself to get my music out there?

A:Yes you can, of course, yet there are hundreds of sites and new sites emerge on a monthly, weekly and sometimes on a daily basis. Most of these sites are international and can be difficult to communicate with relevant to language barriers, time zones and such. Sugo Music Group provides a one-stop global solution for all major digital retailers, digital distribution companies, audio video distributors and channels, and various music distribution services. This way you can tend to other important responsibilities—like creating music or promoting your artists!


QTo where does Sugo Music Group distribute? Where in the world are the retailers and stores located? Do you service all online music distribution companies?

A:Sugo Music Group distributes to every qualified retailer, distributor, region and country in the world. New territories are emerging and new digital distribution deals are being secured as we speak. Regarding outlets, well, quite a few… OK, here’s some, yet don’t tell anybody!

121 Music Store, 3 Mobile, 3 Suisse, 3355 Music, 7 Digital, A1, Ahlens, AGI, Aki Musica – Telefonica, Akoo, Alfa, Aliant, AllTel, Altacom, altoran, Amalgam Digital, Amazon,, AMI, Antena 3 TV, Antena Madrid, Anycall land, Astral, Atento-O2-Telefonica, ATT, B3, Batelco, Beatport, Beeline, Beezik, Bell Mobility, Bell, Bell365,, Bellsori Chingu, Bengans, Best Buy, Bilka, Billboard, BITÈ, Blinko, Blue Pie, Book & Life, Boost, Bouyges Telecom, Brisas, Buddy, Bugs, Buongiorno, Buongiorno/Mobivillage, Canal Sur TV, CDON, CDSkiven, Cell South, CellFish, Centennial PR, Charity Tunes, Chess, Chin Chin Free, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Chin-Lin, CHUM, Cincinnati Bell, City Magazine, Citymarket,, Club cyon, Club5678, Conpia, Conrad, Contexta.Antena 3 TV, Cool &,, Cricket, Cultureland, cyoworld japan, Cyworld, D&shop, Dada, Dajoom,, Daum, Deezer, Digioke, Digital Reggae, Dio, Discogs, Dj, D-jix, DMX, DNA Mobile, DNA, Dosirak, DPlatinum, Drei, DU,, eCast, e-home, Ekstrabladet, El Giganten, Emo, Emodio, EMT, eMusic, EnNyBog, Entel, ERA, Ericsson, Euskal Telebista, Exact Mobile, Ex-Libris, Expert, Ez-i, Ezio, Flaixbac radio, Flamesky, FlyCell, FNAC, France Telecom, Freechal, Freenet, Fun game, Funman, G Market, G-Pop, Galaxie, Galaxy, Gaja i,, GF38, ginzadownloads, Global, Globetrotter,, Gom, Google, GP, Groove, Grupo Godo, Grupo Vocento, Grupo Z, GS caltex, GS retail, H3G, Halebop, Hanafos, Hanaro Dream, Happli, Happy Money, HD Tracks, Hesburger, Hilo Musical, Hip Digital, Hiphop Playa, Hits-Yunitel, HMV Digital, Home Phone Tunes,, Hoodiny, Hot, IC Agency, IDT, iHeart, iMBC, iMesh, Impartmaint, iMusic, IMVU, iNavi, Insound, Internet Bookshop, iPop, iSky, iTunes, Jamba, Jamster, Jingo,, JunketBoy, Juno, Jyllandsposten, Kang, KBND card, KBS, KDDI,, KT ann, KTF Multi Pack, KTF Show, La Curacao, La Mediatheque, La Redoute, La Sexta TV, Label Mobile, Latitunes, LG telecom070, LimeWire, Lol Song, Los 40 Principales, Lumo, LYD, M game, M1, M6, Maco, MagixMusic, Maroc Telecom, Mbop, Médi Télécom, Media World Compra online, Mediadis, MediaMarkt, Medianet, Medion, Meditel,, Megapass Zone, Melon,, Meteor, Metro PCS, MeWe, Mi Pais Orange, Mi pais Telefonica, Midwest, MiPais Vodafone, Mix’n’Burn, Mixaloo, Mixmobile,, Mobile G Host, mobileshop, mobilkom, Mobily, MOG, Mokey, Moneyro, Moodmedia, Moox,, Movilisto, Movistar, MP Greek,, mpack, MSN, MTC, MTN, MTV, Mufin, Müller, Museeka, Music Airport, Music BOX TMN, Music Choice, Music Lover, Music on, Music To Go,, Musicload, MusicMe, Musikiilaatamo, Musiwave, Music Yun China, Muz, My Country, My Freesport, My Kids Tunes, MySource Telia, Myxer, Napster Mobile, Napster, Nate on messanger,, Natta España, Natta.Pt, Naver music, Naver, NAWRAS, Naxos, Nectar, Neo-Numerique, NetAnttila, Netcom, Netville, NiceMusic, Noble Music, Nokia Music, Nokia,, NRJ, Ntelos, NTT DoCoMo, O2, OD2,, Ok cashbag, Olemovil,, OMAN MOBILE, Omnifone, Omnitel, Onet, Orange BE, Orange, OVI, Pandora, Pannon/Telenor,, PartyMobile, Pasaj, Passionato, Phonomonkey, Pixbox, Platekompaniet,, Playlist, Play Network, PlayNowArena, Playphone, PLEJER, Poetics, Politiken, Polkomtel, Punto TV, Puppyred, Puretracks, Q Tel via AiwaGulf, Qobuz, R&D Media, R. Galician Operator, Rawrip, Real Networks, Reggae Country, Rhapsody, Rhythm Records, Rogers, Rue du Commerce, Sabafone, Sagem, Samsung funbox, Samsung Media Studio,, Sasktel, Saturn, Sayclub, SBSi, SendMe Mobile, SFR, Shockhound, Shop2Download, SHOW, SI Mobile, Simfy, SiriusXM, Skivhugget, Skivlagret, Sky sms, Skybell, skymms, Slacker, SOK, Sol Musica, SonyBMG, SonyEriksson, S-Phone, Spotify, Sprint, Stade De, Starfish, Starzik, Stingray, STC, Stofa, Stone Radio, SunCom, Surem, Swisscom, Synacor, T town, TDC Mobile, TDC Music, Tele 2, Tele 5, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Telemadrid, Televerkko Oy, Telia, Telus Mobility, Telus, Tesco, The Source Mobile, Theta, Thinkindie, Thomson DE, Thumbplay, Thumbtribe, Ting bell, Tiscali IT, TMN, Portugal Telecom, T-Mobile, TNZ, Todo Lo Ultimo, Tonlist, Top 2, Touchtunes,, T-town, Tunes, TVC, UC story, Umniah, Univision, Urban Amplified, US Cellular, Verizon,, Verve Life, via Bharti/MST, via I-connect, Vibramovel, Vibramovil, Viettel, Virgin Mobile, Virgin, Vitality, Viva, Vocento, Vodafone via Esal, Vodafone, Walmart, Wanadoo, Wataniya, Wax, Way media, WE7,, Weltbild, Western, Wind, Word Entertainment, Xpointo Media, Yahoo!, Yahoo, Yemen Mobile, Yes 24, Yoigo, You See, Zain, and more!


QWhat if I am already working with a distributor and my music is already on digital download sites, but I want to make a switch to Sugo Music Group?

A:It’s actually more simple than you might think. It’s often just a matter of “flipping the switch” on your current distributor’s website or contacting your distributor directly to terminate your agreement. Also remember that we are the only distributor offering A-La-Carte distribution services! If you already have a distribution deal in place, no problem. Just let us know and we’ll fill in the gaps! Either way, we can help—just contact us.


QDo I need to own the rights to my music?

A:Yes, you need to either own, control or administer the master sound recording rights in order to sign a distribution agreement with any distributor—especially with us. It’s OK if you did not write any of the songs on your music albums or in your archive, but you must have authority to license the master audio recordings for us to provide universal music distribution for your works.


QHow long does it take for my music to go live in the stores?

A:Sugo Music Group is known for having the fastest turnaround time for any major music distributor. Depending on the size of your archive and how much processing we need to take on, the time can range from one week to four weeks.


QHow do I get my music and information to you and secure digital music distribution?

A:First, please contact us by email by filling out the “Contact Us” form in the right sidebar of this page. Once an agreement is in place, you will be able to send your files in several different ways. Typically label partners simply upload files to our secure FTP site, or sometimes they choose to send us a hard drive. Either way is fine. We’ll always send a Welcome Package to you via email and guide you through the process. We’ve simplified the process in a way that will help set up your account with us with minimal effort.


QWhat if I don’t have physical CDs of my music?

A:That’s perfectly fine. Many licensors do not manufacture CDs these days and focus solely on online audio distribution. Digital files are preferred anyway. Our Welcome Package will explain it all. Also, if you want, we can produce and manufacture CDs for you using our CD On-Demand system.


QCan I still sell my music on my site?

A:Sure, that’s fine! Sugo Music Group’s mission is to provide a Complete Distribution Portfolio for each of our label partners. This is an ongoing commitment. Figuring out how to distribute music is an art form and takes years of practice, just like practicing your music for live performances. Our distribution networks and delivery systems are monitored, reviewed and refined on a daily basis. It is important that all of our label partners are successful and thriving. If you want to sell your music on your site—CDs or downloads—we completely support those efforts. It is important to us that this is a win-win situation for both parties!


QWhen will I receive royalties?

A:We send statements and royalty payments out to you on a quarterly basis. We’ll send your statements via email, and your royalty checks can be by mail or direct deposit—you choose.


QWhat if I submit a cover song?

A:Cover songs are great! In fact, some of the most successful songs that we distribute, relevant to downloads and streams, are cover songs. Cover songs are an easy way to attract new audiences and to expand your fan base, demographics and psychographics. We will even handle all the third party composer/publishing payments for you.


QWhat if I find a mistake associated with one of my songs/albums on a download site or if I want to remove a song down from a site?

A:That’s fine and it happens occasionally. Just contact us, and we’ll fix it or, we’ll take it down for you.