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About Us

Sugo Music Group is proud to offer a music publishing partner portfolio that utilizes some of the most significant agents, brokers, music supervisor databases, and song-placement aggregators in the world. We work with all international song collection societies (see below). We’ve built our business on four cornerstones of industry excellence: premium service, uncompromising quality, unquestionable integrity, and great results. Sugo Music Group provides secure, quick turnaround; one-stop, turn-key publishing; and licensing placement programs that allow your songs to successfully compete in the emerging international marketplace—all with no up-front costs or annual fees!

Publishing Royalties

There are several types of song, composition and lyric royalties: a) Mechanical Royalties from the sale of your songs embodied on recorded music masters, such as CDs or digital downloads, paid by the Harry Fox Agency and the American Mechanical Rights Agency in the U.S.; b) Performance Royalties, which are collected and paid by a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) such as SESAC, BMI, ASCAP or PRS and are paid to the PRO by radio stations and other entities that broadcast your songs; and c) Synchronization Royalties, which are paid when your songs are used in a film or television soundtrack. Sugo Music Group will ensure proper registration, negotiations, and collections on your behalf.

Collection Societies

Sugo Music Group provides a consolidated global solution for the collection of song performance rights from global Performing Rights Organizations for performances of works on radio, television, live concerts, websites, airlines, and more. Our PRO affiliates include: Australasia: AMCOS; Australia: APRA; Belgium: SABAM; Brazil: UBC; Britain: MCPS; Canada: CMRRA and SOCAN; Chile: SCD; Colombia: SAYCO; Denmark: KODA; Finland: TEOSTO; France: SACD and SACEM; Hungaria: ARTISJUS; Germany: GEMA; Ireland: IMRO; Italy: SIAE; Japan: JASRAC; Netherlands: BUMA, CEDAR, and STEMRA; Norway: NCB and TONO; Portugal: SPA; Spain: SGAE; Switzerland: SSA and SUISA; Trinidad and Tobago: COTT; United Kingdom: PRS; Venezuela: SACVEN; United States: ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC; worldwide: BIEM and CISAC. Each territory has its own procedures, policies and laws governing the licensing, performance and sale of songs in its territory. In addition, every country has its own collection societies (see above) for the negotiation, collection, distribution and quality control of performance and mechanical monies. These foreign collection societies and organizations have payment rules very different from those in the U.S.


QWhat is music publishing and what is a music publishing company?

A:The business of music publishing is concerned with developing, protecting, and valuing music compositions. The publishing business is diverse and demands a variety of skills. Music publishers play a vital role in the development of new music and in taking care of the business side, allowing composers and songwriters to concentrate on their creative work. A good publisher seeks out great music and great composers and songwriters, supports composers and songwriters in the creative process, promotes their catalogs across a variety of platforms, manages the business exploitation of the catalogs (including the registration of works and the collection and onward payment of all due royalties) and generally seeks to protect and enhance the value of their works with passion and professional commitment.


QWhat are Performing Rights Organizations, and what do they do?

A:A Performing Rights Organization (or PRO) helps songwriters and publishers get paid for the usage of their music by collecting one of the most important forms of publishing revenue: Performance Royalties. As a songwriter, composer or lyricist, you’re owed what is called a “Performance Royalty” any time your music is played on radio stations (terrestrial, satellite, and Internet), used on TV shows or commercials, or performed in live venues. Those Performance Royalties are paid by radio stations, venues, and TV networks to PROs such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN (in Canada), and more (see above).


QWhat if I’m already registered with a Performing Rights Organization such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC?

A:As a composer, you should be registered with a PRO in your territory. If you are not, then we can help. In addition, you should seek a publisher who will help manage and exploit your catalog. This is where Sugo Music Group’s publishing divisions can help.


QWhat if I already have a music publishing company?

A:If you already have a music publishing company, you need to ask, “What is it doing for me and has it secured any music publishing deals?” If the answer is “very little,” then you need to make a change. If you are a composer and the publisher (all in one) or if you are a music label that has publishing rights of your artists’ songs and want to generate more revenues, then please contact us, and we’ll set you up the right way!


QI need to know how to get music published with song publishing companies. Is it difficult? Can I do it myself?

A:When searching for music publishing companies, you’ll want to find one that has a lot of experience and genuinely wants to protect the writer’s interest and property. Yet figuring out how to publish your music can takes years, possibly decades, and that is valuable time that you could be putting towards your music and, well, writing songs. The business of music publishing requires proper registration and worldwide tracking of when the song is performed publicly through broadcasts and synchronization usages. How to get music published and performed on radio, film, TV, commercials, businesses, and even the Internet is a vital component of your Complete Distribution Portfolio. Contact us and we’ll help set you up the right way!


QDo I retain rights to my music?

A:Yes, all composers under a publishing agreement with Sugo Music Group will retain 100% rights of their music. Period.