Best Music Distribution Companies - Who Are They?

They say magic happens when a skilled musician performs beautiful music on a well-crafted instrument or when a charismatic song gets recorded in a professional recording studio. While this is true, there is also another magical moment for musicians and songwriters: selling music around the world. Yes this is true! Finding the best music distribution companies is one of the most important aspects of a musician's career, yet many times it is overlooked or undervalued. A great music distribution company can be the difference maker between a song being sold worldwide and a song that is never heard.

In this ever-changing global digital marketplace, music distribution companies play a key role in the success of music products and can make or break an artist, a songwriter or a record label. Professional distribution services ensure that a musical product is fully optimized, all metadata is accurately formatted, all audio and artwork adheres to industry guidelines, and each and every distribution channel is effectively utilized, giving back the true worth of every penny spent by the music label and the artist.


Finding the Best Music Distribution Companies

So when it comes down to choosing a music distribution company, who rules the roost here? In essence, how does the competition compare and what differentiates one from the other. It can be a daunting task for any musician or record label to research, review and choose from the small list of well-respected music distribution companies. Each company will have its strong and weak points. Several bona fide distributors have emerged over the years, yet only a few have been able to harness the magic of distribution to its fullest potential. When it comes to the final reckoning, a few good companies have captured the interest of musicians and record labels alike: CD Baby, Sugo Music Group, Tunecore, and InGrooves. All four of these distributors have managed to christen a name for themselves in the music industry and each delivers a balanced list of distribution services, which sets them apart from the rest of the competition. In spite of their respective standings, there is one distributor that has recently emerged as a favorite among music content owners. Although all of them offer credible music services, Sugo Music Group offers a very broad distribution portfolio to hundreds of countries and territories around the world and does not charge any set up fees and submission costs. Sugo Music Group was founded in 1983 by artists, musicians and a savvy business entertainment team—and was built from the ground up. To this day, they still study the ever-changing music landscape, still research the newest trends and emerging markets, and still deeply care for their partners’ assets. Sugo Music built its distribution business on four cornerstones of industry excellence: premium service, uncompromising quality, unquestionable integrity, and great results. Over the past 30 years, they’ve distributed, sold and manufactured every type of music media (digital, CDs, cassette and vinyl) and delivered music products through every imaginable channel: internet, mobile, satellite, cable, music stores, gift shops, big box retailers, licensees, music supervisors and wholesalers. Based out of San Francisco, their service menu includes digital downloads, international radio airplay, music publishing, performance rights organizations, content identification, film and TV licensing, in-store music services and broadcasters, video distribution and monetization, and more. Sugo Music Group also offers an incomparable “A-La Carte” distribution service so that musicians and record labels can choose specific services to complement their already existing distribution portfolio. Contact them today at and discover why they stand out among most music distribution companies.