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DIY Tools of the Trade

Welcome to our Tools of the Trade newsletter! As your music and business career evolves, one of the most challenging questions you are going to face (and probably facing right now) is how to manage and promote your music. Obvious questions may arise: do I need a publicist, do I need a manager, do I need a record label, do I need a booking agent? Combine this with a fiercely competitive global marketplace, it’s perfectly normal to feel lost sometimes. Don’t fret. Sugo Music would like to offer some advice. For today’s modern artist and entrepreneur, there are so many cost-effective services, softwares and apps available within the music industry and the greater global marketplace....
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10 Online Merch Store Solutions for Independent Musicians and Bands

Apart from a plethora of social media and music marketing solutions, musicians these days can also exploit various music merchandise solutions (i.e.“band merch”) to help grow their brand. Band merch can be a great way to earn supplemental and residual income to help finance upcoming recordings, shows and promotions. Band merch has the potential to deliver significant sources of income, which is a huge reason why your band may want to consider setting up a Merch Store. The synergistic combo of garnering both sales revenue AND viral merch marketing is an appealing tactic in today’s catalytic yet convoluted music marketplace. Now, you might feel intimidated to start selling...
Meerkat Periscope Musicians
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Live Streaming Apps for Musicians: How to Use

Have you heard about Meerkat or Periscope? Are you aware of live broadcasting that suddenly became the new obsession on the internet? Meerkat is a groundbreaking app that lets the users broadcast anything from anywhere through Twitter using his/her phone.   Meerkat gained instant traction while it was launched in the beginning of March. With Meerkat, anyone can broadcast an event simply with a tweet. Twitter responded to Meerkat frenzy within a few weeks as they launched their own live streaming app Periscope last week. After the success of Meerkat, it wasn’t really a surprise that Periscope became a trend overnight and people from all over the world started to broadcast their...
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